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Master R

Master R was a professional submissive in NYC in 1969. He began exploring his dominance in 1978. In 1993, R and his cohort the Madam created La Domaine Esemar, now the world’s most re­spected BDSM training chateau, where he has been deeply involved in the training of hundreds of Masters, Mistress­es, and slaves. His writings have appeared in kink maga­zines from around the world, including Secret (Belgium), Marquis (Germany), and Skin Two (Great Britain), as well as a recent essay in the anthology: Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey (PopSmart). He is the Author of Master: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Master R (Esemar Press)

In addition, as Robb Goldstein—The Troubadour—he had a 20-year career exploring the relationship between American fine art and American folk culture, a pursuit which led to his speaking at over 150 museums and universities across the US between 1985 and 2005. R’s proudest moment was winning a major Free Speech/First Amendment decision in 1978, “Goldstein vs. Nan­tucket,” a decision that extended Free Speech protection to all the street artists in the United States.

Miss Couple

Miss Couple began her foray into BDSM at La Domaine Esemar in 2010. Establishing her roots as Master R and Mistress Colette’s personal slave, she went on to spend three years immersed in the public kink scene of New York City, expanding her sexual persona and cultivating her Dominance, before returning to La Domaine to refine her skills. She has since grown into one of finest Mistresses to ever grace the Chateau. Her deeply empathetic nature coupled with her degree in psychology brings a unique energy to La Domaine. It is her refined nature to attune herself to others on a deeply resonant level, uncovering their most hidden desires. She acts both as a a beacon, guiding fantasy to reality, and as a vessel, helping transform those lucky enough to cross her path into the best versions of themselves that they can be. This empathy comes paired with an innate understanding of D/s dynamics, a primal physical energy and a finely honed skill-set – making her quite the force to be reckoned with.

Outside of La Domaine, Miss Couple manifests her raw physical energy in the form of dance. As a performer, she is a world finalist ballroom dancer in the Future Champions division. She holds a degree in choreography from an esteemed university and has worked within the some of the USA’s most prominent modern dance companies. As an educator, she has won two international teaching awards, and has gone on to open her own private practices. She now combines her love of BDSM and ballroom dance in a class called “Tangle: The art of power exchange through the lens of the Tango”

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