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la-domaine-august-2012-party-8 Mistress in Training at Murphy Blue Bondage Workshop 2012

Periodically, we offer workshops for a limited number of participants with our house Dominants or with extraordinary visiting educators. Some past workshops include: Rope for Couples with Murphy Blue, Caning with a Heritage with Mistress Nona, Wicked Whips with the Legendary Joe Wheeler, Bullwhips with Robert Dante, and many other greats. We are always open to your suggestions for interesting workshops.

Upcoming Workshops

Mistress Training Seminar

April 7-9, 2017

La Domaine Esemar has a unique heritage in training people with Dominant personalities to own their power. For over 21 years we have instituted a Master/Mistress-in-Training program that has produced some of the world’s best Professional and Lifestyle Dominants. While this is an extensive process (we believe it takes 1-2 years of immersive experience to become a fully realized La Domaine Master), we realize that many people are not able to make such a serious time commitment. For this reason, we have decided to offer a weekend workshop as a primer for those who would like to embark on a deep exploration of their Dominant personality and hone their technical skills.

Come join us at La Domaine Esemar on April 7-9 2017 in the beautiful Berkshires for this 20-hr training course!

Who is eligible for the Dominance Development Seminar?

  • Professional Dominants who wish to expand their knowledge base
  • Private players wanting to learn Dominant skills
  • Individuals of all skill levels and persuasions are welcome

What is included in the tuition fee?


Class size will be limited to 5 participants to ensure an intimate and intensive learning environment. Attendance including On Site Room and Board: $1000/person Attendance without room and board: $700/person Early Bird: 15% discount if signed up by March 7. To reserve a spot, a 50% deposit must be received no later than April 1. Balance due upon arrival.

What will be covered?

Topics of discussion include:

Friday: Finding and developing your dominant persona (2 hrs) Lowering the wo/man into submission: protocols for slave training (2 hrs) Dungeon Exploration (2 hrs) ______________________________________ Saturday: The Art of Discipline and Punishment: Effective Behavior Modification (3 hrs) The Art of Manipulating the Body: Techniques for Play (1 hr) The Art of Bondage: Techniques for Play (2 hrs) Dungeon Exploration (3 hrs) _______________________________________   Sunday The Art of Cross Dressing (2 hrs) The Art of Fetish and Fantasy (1 hrs) The Art of Scene Crafting: Putting it all Together (2 hrs)  

We are open to requests for additional topics


“When I say that I went to La Domaine I feel like I am speaking of an Ivy League university- that’s the way those in the BDSM world have been reacting to the name. The feeling of confidence that comes from having a solid and broad educational foundation is priceless.” “I enjoyed and learned the most from having personal interactions with Mistress Couple throughout the weekend. Experiencing her dominance and exploring my own submission helped me to put what I was learning into context, and was lots of fun!” “The accommodations were great and the food was delicious. I highly recommend this workshop for aspiring Dominas. It gave a great intro for finding that inner spark and an overall understanding of the art of being a Dominatrix.” “Amazing primer about domination, not just professionally, but personally too. It was a good across the board intro to everything I could imagine and more! The amount of material covered was simply amazing.” “Days later I find myself still having revelations and epiphanies as I go over my notes and further explore online.” “The group of people You brought together were all extraordinary individuals. I enjoyed their company and conversation immensely. Making such amazing friends was the icing on an already wonderful cake”

To Apply

For further instruction regarding the application process, please contact our Head Mistress directly at

Erotic Photography with MarcusLikesIt and Audrey Ropeburn


May 21, 2016, 2-4 PM

  Join the immensely talented rigger and photographer Marcuslikesit and his Alpha submissive, Audrey Ropeburn for a workshop about Erotic Photography. Learn how to set a scene appropriately for photography, and to use lighting, play equipment, and your model to capture the perfect erotic image! The class will be broken down into two segments:

  • Considerations for outdoor bondage photography
  • Creating a shooting environment in indoor locations

This is a wonderful class for lifestyle players who want to add an aspect of voyeurism/exhibitionism into their play in an artful way. In Marcus’ words: It is the vulnerability that makes my images. The bodies and poses and lighting are peripheral factors. “Alternative beauty” is a maddening phrase. Beauty is universal and in everyone. It is really off putting to always see nubile young women in bondage. I prefer to shoot people of all ages, shapes, sizes, genders…etc but they are often too self conscious because all they see is young skinny chicks. Let’s work together to change this. Let’s make inclusive, sexy, different, KINKY art. Required Equipment: Please bring your own camera equipment and models. To take photos of the La Domaine slaves will require an additional charge and a signed model release form. Cost: $75/person. $50/person if attending party. $150/person to use our models.

To Apply

For further instruction regarding the application process, please contact our Head Mistress directly at

Whip Technique with Robert Dante


Let’s Get Crackin’!

Whip Technique with Robert Dante

June 11, 2016, 2-4 PM

Whip master Robert Dante is a four-time Guinness World Record holder (“Most Whip Cracks in One Minute” and “Fastest Whip”) and author of “Let’s Get Cracking,” the acclaimed how-to book on whip cracking. Each time he is at La Domaine, we worry that he will start a slave revolt, as his teaching techniques have Doms and subs cracking away with perfect technique by the end of his class! Come learn some basic bullwhip throws and techniques, and see a Master at work! Please bring your own whips. If you do not have one, you may borrow a whip from La Domaine for a $50 fee. Cost: $75/person, $50/person if attending the party

Heavy Consensual S&M: Edge Play with Eric Pride

Saturday July 16, 2-4 PM

  Do you dare to step into the place where sunlight becomes shadow, delve into the darkness until your adrenaline races, heart pounds, and palms tingle with excitement? This is what edge play is about. In this hands-on workshop we explore this form of play that challenges our limits and boundaries – physical or psychological – creating a juxtaposition of fear, intensity and pleasure. Come and immerse yourself with this type of play and expand your BDSM skills. This workshop will cover topics such as:

  • Safety for bottoms and tops
  • Consent, limits, and boundaries
  • Subspace and topspace
  • Understanding how we process and enjoy pain
  • The physical vs. psychological sides of BDSM
  • Heavy consensual BDSM, ratcheting and layering techniques
  • Mind fucks and interrogation techniques for play scenes

Note: Participants should have good practical knowledge and previous hands-on experience with BDSM   Price: $50/Person if attending party, $75/person without party attendance.

Check back regularly for news of our future workshops!