Preface to the exciting new offering

To us, a Couples Party is far more than a night starting at eight and a brunch. The day of the party, La Domaine is in full swing, and it is an amazing process to see, let alone in which to take part. Mistresses and Masters and slaves arriving, the La D slaves prepping, preparing the food while tied and delirious, vacuuming the dungeon plugged, on their knees outside doing the last minute gardening touches – flowers for the Guest Mistress. Sex play and excitement runs rampant all day. The kitchen is full of amazing smells, at six the family dines together. At seven we get ready for what everyone else thinks is the party. When you arrive at eight, you have already missed some of the best part of the weekend as we love it.

The New Offering


Individuals can now come in for the entire Satyrday, from noon on, be completely involved as a La Domaine house slave, experience the entire behind the scene’s madness, work with the most extraordinary slave sisters and brothers anywhere, and get to serve the assembled Mistress’s and Master’s every whim. Then when the party whines down, you do not, like the rest of the guests, have to go back to your motel or hotel. You sleep either in the slave pile on the living room floor or in a cage in the dungeon. Then you are awake in the morning, to see La D come back to life; watching the Mistresses and Masters in the morning after such great lust the night before is a delight. Then it’s the brunch, and the clean-up. Sometimes, the most outrageous play erupts at the brunch, sometimes it is utter exhaustion and quiet, sexy sharing of recollections. We call it the afterglow. The, at four, Mistress and Master send everyone home, collapse in bed, and sleep. And some lucky slave had one hell of a twenty eight hours.

The Bad News

We really like this offering, we want just the right people for each party and so we are being highly selective as to who comes here and when.

The Good News

We are offering what should be one of our most expensive overnights at half of what we expect for a usual overnight. “Why?” We only want just the right people, so we want it to be affordable to all who are really interested, who really belong here for this. Also, we intend to use you as a La Domaine slave and that is intense, you will be worked – in oh so many ways that please us.

Also very important

Our selection of individuals will not be based on their experience level. Do not hesitate if you feel you may be too inexperienced; we have the right parties for beginners too. We want people who belong here for these events. In other words, acceptance will be based on the depth of your desire, not your experience level.

If you feel this might be the right offer for you, please call us well in advance of the party you would be interested in attending.