La Domaine Party Schedule 2016


Bondage Artist and Photographer

May 21-22 2016

Marcuslikesit is a lifelong ropeist and bondageur; an ardent sadomasochist; a kink facilitator, instigator, host, sharer of ideas; a photographer/pornographer, and the mercurial host of NYC’s monthly (mostly) rope gathering: Marcuslikesit Ropes U.” His partner, Audrey Ropeburn, is a vintage clothing enthusiast, rope model, and devoted alpha slave. Together they are quite the team and bring a great deal of creativity, talent, a blend of old guard and new age BDSM that is refreshing and inspiring.

After our own Head Mistress photographed Marcus’ and his slave Audrey Ropeburn’s rope bondage workshop last summer,  we thought it would be a great idea to have Marcus host a photography workshop for aspiring kink photographers. Bring your Exhibitionist/Voyeur side to the workshop on Saturday prior to the party.

Robert Dante

Master Of Whips

June 11-12 2016

A 4-time Guinness World Record holder, Dante is author of “Let’s Get Cracking! the How-To Book of Bullwhip Skills.” His performances with his wife and partner Mary are marked by daring, grace and humor, combining traditional tricks (ie balloon popping, candle snuffing) with 21st Century variations (such as blacklight whips).

Those who know Robert understand that it is not only his talent that makes him a world renowned Master, it is his ability to connect with those around him on a deep level. Whether it be through humor, insight, or even sheer awe, Robert is bound to make an impression on you.

Master R’s favorite anecdote about this witty whip artist involves him whipping mosquitoes away from a slave, and splattering the blood like a painting on his back, without even touching the slave’s body! Trust us, this is an event that you do not want to miss!

For those of you who want to learn some whip skills and finesse, Robert will be teaching a workshop on Saturday prior to the party!

Eric Pride

Deeply Intentional D/s

July 16-17 2015

Eric Pride, together with his wife Lady Christie, heads a structured authority-based household in New York. The household celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2012. The primary focus of the household is integrating healthy power-exchange dynamics into daily life and providing guidance, training, and support for its individuals.

Eric enjoys consensual S&M, blogs on different aspects of the lifestyle, and gives presentations on alternative lifestyle relationships, structured authority-based living, S&M, ritual and spirituality. In addition, Eric has an interest in psychic phenomena and gives demonstrations on telepathy, clairvoyance, psychometry, psychic readings, and other ESP experiments. He believes we all have this ability – we just have to develop and nurture it.

This will be Eric’s second visit to La Domaine and we are looking forward to sharing another fabulous weekend with him and his leather family.

Eric will also be teaching an intermediate/advanced workshop on Edge Play in BDSM play from 2-4 pm on Saturday prior to the party. Don’t miss out!

Mistress Libertine

Amazon Domme, Sensual Sadist

August 6-7, 2016

Charming and cruel, Mistress Libertine is an expert in rough body play, tease and denial, and croppings that will make you cry and cream! This dashing Domme commands attention with her confidence and beauty. At nearly 6 feet tall, she uses her height to her advantage, but the force of her personality alone is enough to make slaves crave surrender. Mistress Libertine is one hell of a woman- you do not want to miss an opportunity to make her acquaintance and see her in action!

Mistress Libertine will be hosting a wrestling workshop for Dominants during her weekend visit. If you are game for grappling and headlocks, this is the class for you!

Lucy Sweetkill and Dia Dynasty

Double Trouble!

September 17-18, 2016

Get ready for DOUBLE TROUBLE! We were lucky enough to be visited by Lucy Sweetkill and Dia Dynasty last year, and our heavy masochists just couldn’t get enough, so we’ve invited them back to host this year’s party! Sadistic and sweet, Creative and cruel, this team of brilliant women will see right into the deepest crevices of your psyche, draw out your deepest desires, and dangle them in front of you like a pair of their used panties. For the serious masochists, fun lovers, and tease and denial fetishists, this is a weekend not to be missed.

Goddess Samiraa

Ritual Play and Goddess Worship

October date TBA

CFormally educated in Philosophy, Religion, Anthropology, Psychology, and Religious Theory, this Egyptian Goddess is known for turning patriarchal religious themes on their head. Her style of Domination is a religion in which her devotees worship her as a Goddess. It is atmospheric and ritualistic, nurturing and vicious. This will be a high protocol party for those interested in Female Led Relationships and Total Power Exchange. Additionally, those interested in God/Goddess worship and ritualistic play should make this party a top priority!


Some Of Our Amazing Guests: