Goddess Sno from Feel Me Breathe

June 14-15 2014

We are honored that Goddess Sno, the mastermind behind the Feel Me Breathe Community Center, will be here to host our June party! Goddess Sno is an amazing teacher guide and mentor for people who are new to the lifestyle as well as experienced players.

In her own words: …I call “play”…”dance” because this is how I think it feels, an inner harmony between two or more people flowing in unison, with rhythm and energy being exchanged and mirrored. Dance comes with it’s own vocabulary, its own language. Music is not always necessary but, the rhythm between the partners to develop the language is essential.

For more on Feel Me Breathe, visit their website.

For more on Goddess Sno visit her fetlife profile (Username: Snoflak)

Mrs. Weltsova

July 19-20 2014

Mrs. Weltsova is a classic Disciplinarian Dominatrix.  Her deeply rooted approach to this intense aspect of BDSM has earned her a near legendary reputation. This stunning and powerful Russian will be bringing her Corporal skills to La Domaine. This party will be ideal for those wishing to experience the more formal aspects of caning, flogging, and above all, whipping.

For more insight on this remarkably ravishing Russian, visit her website.