Our speaking engagements at universities are one of our favorite areas of outreach. We generally speak six to eight times a year.


The talks consist of a structured discussion of terminology and background, followed by questions and answers, with the students being allowed to ask us about anything that they want to know.


This free-wheeling approach results in the frequent comment: “That was the best class I have had at college.” It is always quite a remarkable exchange. The professors who present us, like to have us back year after year and we insist our classes be open to a general (although slightly-vetted) public.


If you would like to attend a class, please contact us at La Domaine for further information. If you would like to have us make a presentation at your institution, contact Mistress Couple for information on setting that up.

What Our Students Have to Say

  • “These outstanding seminars have truly enriched my Psychology of Human Sexuality course.”

    Yelena Zhickina SUNY Albany / Doctoral candidate and Teacher.
  • “The most interesting and informative class I’ve ever taken at SUNY.”

    SUNY Albany Student 2009
  • “The BDSM presentation was a real eye-opener. I didn’t realize that it was possible to be so comfortable with my own sexuality. Your class made it so much easier to talk about sex and health issues with my boyfriend! Thank you!”

    SUNY student 2015
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