For those who seek further involvement with La Domaine, those who’s true calling is a deeper involvement in the lifestyle of BDSM… if your soul truly resonate with our own, you may apply to be trained here at our chateau. Regardless of what side of the whip you belong to, we can help you to fully embrace and make manifest your potential.

Masters/Mistresses In Training (MIT)

We have worked hard to maintain the integrity of heritage and lineage in the scene.

While we absolutely believe that one can achieve great Dominance through intuition and training that does not involve submission, we also know that great Dominants who experience submission get imperative insight into the submissive psyche.

Therefore, in our program, a La Domaine MIT works their way through through a hierarchy, serving with slave brothers and sisters until their arrival amongst the Masters. We have a saying here; “A MIT is always a Master/Mistress, but they are training.”


We believe BDSM is an art. As with all the other arts, the more time one devotes to their education and practice, the better one becomes in the art form.

People come from all over the globe to study at La Domaine Esemar.


Our Master and Mistress in training program is the most in-depth and comprehensive program that we know that is available today. It is our most serious offering.

At one time, there were many chateaus that one could visit to study the art of BDSM and the nuances of our lifestyle at. Over the years, they have faded away.


The MIT program involves a commitment to La Domaine for six months to a year and a half. We expect that each MIT will truly experience devotion while they are here. We know that once one experiences devotion, and understands it intimately, they become Masters at inspiring devotion in those who are drawn to them.

We accept individuals wanting to become professional Dominants, those already professional wishing to advance to the highest levels, and people who simply want to be the best they can be in their own private domains.

Whip Session

Technical Skills

We will teach you specific skills that you want to learn, as well as train you in the art of resonance. Being able to resonate with your submissive means that you are able to engage in activities that they like, because you find the place inside yourself where you enjoy doing so (the place where that resonates with you). Our MITs are incredibly versatile when they leave us. They possess a set of technical skills that easily lend themselves to working professionally or to simply creating beautiful and intimate scenes between themselves and those they connect with, which are safe and powerful. Whether you are interested in learning to use a paddle, flogger or bullwhip, if you would like to learn how to tie those beautiful, Asian Sakura, Joshu, Shibari ties, if you have ever wondered what the correct procedure is when one performs a deep needling, if you want to be able to play safely with medical play or if you desire to learn virtually any other skill associated with BDSM, this is the place to learn.

Training The Psyche


This type of training has great value for Professional and lifestyle Dominants. It will afford you the opportunity to learn the subtle and powerful techniques we use here, and see how you can apply them in your own lives or practice. These lessons are for you to share with your own submissives, or simply to better your own Dominant understandings and control techniques. Manners, posture, devotion, serving skills, reaching greater levels of masochism, and many other areas where insights into the psyche of submission are crucial, come under this area of training.

Last But Not The Least


For those who decide that sex work and the world of professional Domination is for them, additional studies and skills are insisted upon. Before exiting our program a MIT will be confident discussing complex sexual issues with our clients, learn to screen potential clientele and keep a professional dungeon office. They will speak with first time submissives and facilitate life changing experiences as well as create meaningful scenes for even most experienced and complex of psyches. They will be able to work independently with confidence and professionalism.


La Domaine Esemar is not just for the guests and party visitors. We are very aware that some people are meant to have a BDSM Chateau play an important, consistent role in their lives. For those select few who wish to make a deeper and more serious commitment to the lifestyle, we offer our “acolyte positions”. This is a way to enter the household on a non-professional basis.

Applicants must be willing to devote their hearts, minds, and overall sexuality to the Dominants and Submissives of La Domaine.

For those, who like us, crave to be a part of a great BDSM Chateau, this is an opportunity to come and join us for the ride of a lifetime. Only the very serious need inquire. You must have time available to serve and be either pansexual or ready to grow. La Domaine Esemar is a home, and you will be making a commitment to a family.

Life at Esemar has many rewards for the few who are meant to share fully in our experience.

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