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"The experience was incredible for us in many ways. The fact that we followed through on our desire to have you work with us is in itself exhilarating. We have played the whole weekend over in our minds from beginning to end many times. We have talked and shared perhaps more openly than ever before about our experience. Of course, the resulting sex has been very intense both nightly and during the day, when we've had time. c's frame of mind has been to continually serve me both physically and psychologically. Her need and desire to give me pleasure in every way is incredible. It was the experience at La Domaine that enlightened me to the extent of her masochism and that she is wholly desirable to me in this way. The sexual freedom this allows her, and the result to me in sexual fulfillment is indescribable! Thanks for your easy way with us and your openness in dealing with our concerns. You hold a special place for us in that you are responsible for opening up a new world in which we can continue to provide each other with what we crave."

− S&C, 1994

"The Domaine Dommes have a unique perspective. The Madame and Master are two of the most intense, talented and dedicated Dominants I have ever met…Their slaves reminded me of what it was that attracted me to this field."

− Mademoiselle Gwan Ying, Pandora's Box Magazine, 1997

"High Level SM."

− Skin Two Magazine, Issue 20

"I sit listening to Beethoven's 7th quartet and think of La Domaine. Waking earlier, before masturbating, so many gifts from La Domaine popped into my head. Friendship, love and sex commingled. Sometimes I think just the power of giving turns the world at La Domaine. Thank you Madame, and Master, for your kindness, your abilities, and for your love."

− Shine, 2003

"I highly recommend this informal and instructional getaway, and believe you will find it to be a supremely sensual experience."

− A. Ehmann, Penthouse Forum, 2002

"My wife, my rope slut, and I spent our (delayed) honeymoon with Master R and Mistress Collette this spring. Thank you both for a truly wonderful weekend. You have created a truly mystical place."

− Rope Knut, 2008

"Thank you so much... for everything. You and your family really gave me some of the most joyful and insightful days of my life."

− Domme Jaguar, Mexico City, 2012

"I am thankful. Truly thankful that a place such as La Domaine exists. One may visit this BDSM chateau for a variety of personal reasons. From personal experience, this is a place for those searching for a deeper and more meaningful connection within the realm of 'kink'. The individuals and the environment within La Domaine are genuine, where unexpected opportunities for self discovery are made possible. Thank you Master R and Mistress Couple for continuing to make all this possible."

− slave ears, 2013

"I first visited La Domaine as a person in search of himself. A kinky lifestyle had always been attractive to me, but I never stepped outside of the conventional. In the course of the last several years at the chateau, three outstanding mistresses have guided me on my journey.

Mistress Collette instructed me in the protocol expected of a slave and taught me to trancend the boundary between pleasure and pain. Mistress More expanded upon that foundation. She increased my understanding of the Mistress and slave dynamic and facilitated my transformation into a true slave.

With Miss Couple, I have experienced the depth of love and devotion which occurs in a true Mistress and slave relationship. In our sessions, I have seen how perceptive and caring a Mistress can be as she guides the slave along new paths. As a result of my association with these three powerful but caring women, I have learned who I really am and become secure with all the aspects of my being."

− slave destiny, 2014

"La Domaine Esemar is a wonderful, amazing place, and the people who live and work there are extraordinarily compassionate, perceptive, and sensual. My lover and I visited this lovely chateau last fall. Meeting Mistress Couple and Master R has had a very powerful, positive effect on our relationship. We both had some reservations at the thought of exploring our sexuality outside of the comfort and safety of our home, and I am SO GLAD we put them aside! La Domaine offers all of us kinksters a safe haven, whether we come as newbies or seasoned dommes.

If you have come as far as you have, by discovering the existence of La Domaine, then you will love it there. You will find a warm, welcoming home, fit with a extensive dungeon and virtually endless possibilities for fulfilling your desires and needs."

− Sarah and Ian, 2013

"Upon arriving at La Domaine, I was struck immediately with Miss Couple's grace, charm and beauty. The session with Miss Couple was an ultimate level of pleasure and pain. She will challenge you in many tolerable ways to serve. Miss Couple had such control, power and erotic fortitude that brought to me to high, deep levels of sensation. A day with Miss Couple will have you begging and pleading for another enhanced session!"

− slave s, 2014

"We stayed at La Domaine Esemar for their B&B for Couples and found our stay excellent. The dungeon is very well stocked and easy to navigate as a new comer. Our Hosts Master R and Miss Couple were very welcoming, friendly and supportive.

We recommend any couples new or experienced to spend some time at La Domaine and Don't miss a meal, not only were we having fun but we were well fed with delicious dinners!

P.S Their french toast is to die for!

With pain and pleasure,"

− Catatonic and Wessie, 2014

"LaDomaine is the perfect place to explore the fetish world in complete comfort and security, guided by MasterR, the Mistresses in residences and the extended Esemar family . . ."

− ProfessorR and Llovely LLadybug, 2014

"Submissives at La Domaine do not surrender their individuality. Rather they are expertly led in a journey of self-discovery and
broadening horizons. For me that discovery has led me to further embrace the female within me, and to find that I much prefer (and am
more comfortable) being led than being the leader. As always, my breasts tingle as they anticipate being cross-hatched by the tip of my Mistress Couple's lash."

− blue eyes, 2014

"I attended your discussion at UAlbany this evening. I wanted to thank you, I enjoyed myself, and it was a good way for my vanilla friends to learn a little about the 'freaky stuff I do in the bedroom' without judgement. Educators like you are important and I am grateful for the opportunity to have attended your lecture."

− College Student K, 2014