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La Domaine Esemar is widely recognized for offering BDSM sessions of the finest quality. Our Mistresses, Masters, and slaves have all received extensive training on human sexuality, the psyche, Dominance and submission.

La Domaine is known around the world as one of the safest places in the BDSM scene to explore even your most extreme fantasies (Schwanendreher, anyone?). It is also known as the BEST dungeon in Albany to see a professional Dominatrix!

We will encourage you to find your limits. We will never take you to a place

that you are not ready to explore. Whether you are single, part of a couple, or part of a poly-group, we will be glad to accommodate your personal needs and desires.

Basic sessions are an hour to an hour and a half long. Longer sessions are also available and are recommended; they create deeper explorations.

We never hurry sessions, in fact we leave additional time after them for questions, conversations, and if you choose, friendship. We strongly encourage our clients to contact us a few days after they have left La Domaine to let us know their thoughts on our shared experience.

Submissive Sessions
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Starting at $300/hr
Submissives can come in for a session with a Mistress (Dominatrix), a Master, or multiple Dominants. You can also request that a La Domaine slave join you in your session.
The imaginations of our La Domaine Dominants know few boundaries; If we are not familiar with your unique fetish, we would like to be. That, will fulfill us as well.
Dominant Sessions
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Starting at $300/hr
We are proud to offer Dominants the opportunity to work with our slaves. The La Domaine slaves are some of the finest trained submissives in the world; easily recognized by the knowing eye. Dominant sessions can be conducted either with or without our guidance. We know of no greater opportunity for learning than working with an experienced Master or Mistress and La Domaine slave.
Educational Sessions
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Starting at $150/hr for up to 3 people
In general, training sessions range from skill sets (electrical, whip skills, rope bondage, medical, etc) to the fine art and subtlety of psychological exploration. These sessions can be conducted using your partner or our slaves.
Extended Sessions
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Starting at $300/hr
Extended sessions encourage deep explorations of the psyche and our sexuality. Through them, one can find deeper personal understandings, both in the dungeon and in day to day life. You will will be immersed in the affairs of a functioning BDSM Chateau. Extended sessions and visits are available for both Dominants and submissives.


We do not give out pricing information without conducting a quick and friendly interview. Pricing and more intimate details of sessions are reserved for individuals who call and fully discuss their interests, allowing us to build a visit around their specific needs.

To book a session or for additional session information, please Contact Us.

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