Welcome To Our Playground!

La Domaine Esemar is widely recognized for offering BDSM sessions of the finest quality. Our Mistresses, Masters, and slaves have all received extensive training on human sexuality, the psyche, Dominance and submission.

La Domaine is known around the world as one of the safest places in the BDSM scene to explore even your most extreme fantasies (Schwanendreher, anyone?) It is also known as the best dungeon in Albany to see a professional Dominatrix!

We will encourage you to find your limits. We will never take you to a place that you are not ready to explore.  Whether you are single, part of a couple, or part of a poly-group, we will be glad to accommodate your personal needs and desires.

Types Of Sessions

Submissive Sessions

Submissives can come in for a session with a Mistress (Dominatrix), a Master, or multiple Dominants. You can also request that a La Domaine slave join you in your session.

Basic sessions are an hour to an hour and a half long. Longer sessions are also available and are recommended; they create deeper explorations.

We never hurry sessions, in fact we leave additional time after them for questions, conversations, and if you choose, friendship. We strongly encourage our clients to contact us a few days after they have left La Domaine to let us know their thoughts on our shared experience.

The imaginations of our La Domaine Dominants know few boundaries; If we are not familiar with your unique fetish, we would like to be. That will fulfill us as well.

Dominant Sessions

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We are proud to offer Dominants the opportunity to work  with our slaves. The La Domaine slaves are some of the finest trained submissives in the world;  easily recognized by the knowing eye.  Dominant sessions can be conducted either with or without our guidance. We know of no greater opportunity for learning than working with an experienced Master or Mistress and La Domaine slave.

Educational Sessions

In general, training sessions range from skill sets (electrical, whip skills, rope bondage, medical…etc), to the fine art and subtlety of psychological exploration. These sessions can be conducted using your partner or our slaves.

Extended Sessions

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Extended sessions encourage deep explorations of the psyche and our sexuality. Through them, one can find deeper personal understandings, both in the dungeon and in day to day life. You will will be immersed in the affairs of a functioning BDSM Chateau. Extended sessions and visits are available for both Dominants and submissives.

The La Domaine Players

Mistress Couple, Head Mistress

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Miss Couple was one of the finest slaves ever to be trained at La Domaine. She went on to become one of our finest Mistresses in Training, and is now our remarkable Head Mistress. This lovely blonde Dominatrix is available for sessions, separately or together with any of her co-conspirators within the household. Miss Couple learned her La Domaine lessons well, and has excellent skills, plus a great deal of insight into slaves’ psyches. She is rhythmic and precise when wielding whips, always excited to electrocute eager slaves, creative in her sessions, Mistress-ful in her rope work, excellent working with couples and players of all experience levels…need we say more? Anyone who sessions with her is in for a whirlwind of an experience!

Lady Do, House Mistress

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Lady Do has been an integral part of La Domaine as a submissive for quite some time. Her latest growth spurt has left us all in awe of her powerful dominance! Having experienced BDSM as a slave to some of the world’s finest Mistresses and Masters, Lady Do’s understanding of the submissive mentality is outstanding. This understanding informs her play as a Dominant partner by allowing her to resonate with the minds of her slaves, drawing out their heartfelt devotion to their training, their service, and their Dominant. If you would like to experience her exploding force, we highly recommend you explore your submission in a session with Lady Do.

Mistress Natasya, House Mistress/ Switch

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Mistress Natasya trained as a switch at the Gates, the premier house of bondage and fantasy in the San Francisco Bay Area. There, she gained a deep understanding of both sides of power play and the complexities of submission. Having recently moved to the area, we are glad to say that Mistress Natasya is now available for sessions at La Domaine!

Some point to her German heritage, her degrees, and her training to explain her intelligence and excellence in domination, but it is her innate ability as a dynamic player to which so many are drawn.

Mistress Natasya is a hedonist who revels in pain, pleasure, and fantasy alike. As a dominant, she relishes searing with clever quips and well-placed blows. She takes special pleasure in impact play, tease and denial, roleplay, and toilet training.

For those select few with whom she switches, Natasya is a sassy, expressive submissive who yearns to serve. Rope bondage, face slapping, tickling, and toy shows are some of her favorite activities.

Master R, La Domaine Co-Founder and Master Emeritus


If you are looking for an experienced and talented BDSM Master, look no further. Masters don’t come much more experienced and talented than our own Master R.

Master R was a professional submissive in NYC in 1969. He began exploring his dominance in 1978. In 1993, R created La Domaine Esemar, now the world’s most re­spected BDSM training chateau, where he has been deeply involved in the training of hundreds of Masters, Mistress­es, and slaves.

Master R’s writings have appeared in kink maga­zines from around the world, including Secret (Belgium), Marquis (Germany), and Skin Two (Great Britain), as well as a recent essay in the anthology: Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey (PopSmart). He is the author of Master: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Master R (Esemar Press). “Master” is only available through the La Domaine store – we mean the book, not the man! Master the man is only available at La Domaine.

Master Gary, House Master

Master Gary and his slave “it” (because it don’t get no better) were one of the first couples to visit La Domaine when it first began in 1993. Already an advanced Master, with a lifetime of experience, he quickly became the good right arm of Esemar. A Master with strength, warmth and appropriate humility, Master Gary’s skills include unique and challenging rope bondage, the most graceful Florentine flogging, and an extraordinary command of the psyche. Master Gary has a remarkable ability to guide people to their innermost and valued areas of submission.

Master Joe, House Master

Master Joe began his time at La Domaine nearly 15 years ago as a slave. Under the tutelage of Mistress Edge, he has evolved into an extremely fine Master. Master Joe is particularly gifted at working with submissive women over 60 who are just beginning to explore this aspect of their sexual persona. In fact, this is one of his greatest passions.

Our house slaves are available to session with select Dominants, under the supervision of a La Domaine Mistress or Master. Personalized information on each house slave, including areas of interest and photos, are to come. Please contact our Head Mistress if you would like to inquire about setting up a session with one of our exceptionally trained and skilled submissives.

Robert Dante

Robert Dante

World's Fastest Whip Artist

Robert will be at La Domaine March 17 – 19

Robert Dante is one of the world’s great Masters of the Bull Whip. In fact, he currently holds the Guinness world record for world’s fastest whip, having hit ten targets in 3.8 seconds. His skill, accuracy and grace are as utterly remarkable as they are unforgettable.

Robert will be available both for private whip instruction as well as for sessions with individual men, women and couples. You can learn Bull Whip from the very best and/or be dominated by him as well. He is a terrific tease, both with dungeon toys and with the delicate flick of his whip. His understanding of the psyche allows him to take professional sessions into some very remarkable and surprising places.

Come and learn Bull Whip techniques in a private one on one situation, or come and enjoy the dungeon skills and Mastery of Robert Dante.

Mistress C

Mistress C

Visiting Mistress/ BDSM Diva

Mistress C will be at La Domaine April 17-20, 2014.
We met Mistress C at the EXXXOTICA convention and couldn’t get enough of her commanding presence and sexy smile! Mistress C is a Femdom warrior Goddess in every sense of the term, so service slaves, sissies, and pain sluts, this is the party for you! We have seen her wield whips, spank bottoms, tease and torment all in the middle of the Edison NJ convention center, where she showed the great depth of her abilities in the midst of mayhem.

In her own words: My specialties are Hypnotic Inductions Sissification, Feminization, spankings with most forms of corporal punishment, flogging, Erotica hypnosis, and other structured forms of disciplinarian lessons and submissive training. I would love to make you my B***ch in the absolute of ways. I am a Femdom and live the life of a woman who knows exactly what she wants. You are a tool which needs crafting so stand up and be useful. Your value is as good as your efforts to be what I desire.

Mistress Amiko

Mistress Amiko

Visiting Mistress

Mistress Amiko will be at La Domaine May 10-11 2014

Mistress Sno

Mistress Sno

Visiting Mistress

Mistress Sno will be at La Domaine June 14-15, 2014.

Mrs. Weltsova

Mrs. Weltsova

Visiting Mistress

Mrs. Weltsova is a classic Disciplinarian Dominatrix. Her deeply rooted approach to this intense aspect of BDSM has earned her a near legendary reputation. This stunning and powerful Russian will be bringing her Corporal skills to La Domaine. This party will be ideal for those wishing to experience the more formal aspects of caning, flogging, and above all, whipping.

For more insight on this remarkably ravishing Russian, visit her website.



Visiting Pony Trainer

Schadenfreude will be here to teach and train all of La Domaine's ponies and horses on August 9-10, 2014

Murphy Blue

Murphy Blue

Visiting Shibari Master

Master Murphy Blue will be at La Domaine Oct 11-12, 2014.

One of the great rope Masters of our time, Murphy Blue is making his second appearance as a Guest Master. This will be a terrific party for all our bondage enthusiasts. Seldom have we had a Guest as generous with his skills. Watching Murphy go non-stop through an entire evening, ropes flying with fearful symmetry and replete with the powers of control and restraint, was one of the highlights of last year’s season. In fact, Murphy was such a joy last year that he was our specific choice to start the season this year. In addition to the party, Murphy has graciously agreed to do a Satyrday afternoon workshop.

Grab your ropes and highest hopes and come and start this season’s remarkable series of parties with Master Murphy Blue. Learn more about Murphy at: http://www.murphyblue.net/shibariblog.php

Madame Asia

Madame Asia

Visiting Mistress

Madame Asia will be visiting La Domaine Noveber 8-9, 2014.

Prepare to meet our latest class of Mistresses in Training…stay tuned.


We do not give out pricing information without conducting a quick and friendly interview. Pricing and more intimate details of sessions are reserved for individuals who call and fully discuss their interests, allowing us to build a visit around their specific needs.

To book a session, or for additional session information, please Contact Us.