Couples Sessions

In the past twenty years, we have worked with well over four hundred couples. We see couples in session in many different capacities. Some of these couples are deeply troubled, struggling to find a common ground in their BDSM relationship, others are looking to add a little spice to their relationship. Whatever your interests are, no request is too bold, and all requests are at least considered.  Contact Master R or Mistress Couple directly to discuss what would be the most beneficial couples session for you.


La Domaine offers massage for singles and couples. Rest and relax in our dungeon or in your own room with a massage. This service can be purchased ahead of time, or added during your stay based on availability. (We strongly recommend that you book this ahead of time due to high demand, and cannot guarantee its availability upon arrival). What better way to provide restorative aftercare for your submissive or pamper your Dom?



Nathaniel Neander LMT RMT, is proud to offer massage services at the chateau. He has been a licensed massage therapist since 2008 and a Reiki practitioner since 2003. We highly recommend his hands! Whether looking for therapeutic deep tissue massage or a softer more soothing session, he will match his techniques to your needs. While your time at La Domaine can be one of the most amazing, life altering experiences you are likely to have, it can also call on both your physical and mental reserves. A massage can bring you back to center and allow you to focus more fully on the experience before you.

He also offers basic massage lessons you can bring home after your stay. Have your slave trained to pamper you, share an intimate connection with your partner through touch or become a highly valued submissive with the ability to please your Dominants with this rewarding service.

Have your slave prepared or your Dominant pampered


The La Domaine serving staff is available to meet all of your service needs. They are available to bath you or your submissive, shave you, massage you, lotion you, attend you in the bath tub, bring you champagne, lavish you with rose petals and exquisite organic oils, you name it! A La Domaine slave can be assigned to you during your stay to attend to your ever need, or can be reserved for a specific task. Please discuss your wants and needs with Mistress Couple while booking your next visit.