La Domaine specializes in Couples, their wants and needs. Throughout our 20 years in operation, we have seen and intimately worked with  over 400 couples! We only host one couple at a time. This allows us to insure your total privacy, or to lavish you with the attention you deserve. For some, this is the first, very delicate, step into a sexual world beyond their own bedroom. Others come seeking the opportunity to grow by training with some of the world’s finest Masters, Mistresses and slaves.


For those who want their privacy:

When you schedule an overnight, the 1250 sq. ft. dungeon is yours and yours alone, from check-in to check-out. You are welcome to take equipment up to the Guest Room. If you desire, we can close the entire house to other visitors, and we can limit staff presence to one or two of our slaves. You may dine alone, in your room, or in the dungeon. (We prefer to dine with our guests, so we have an opportunity to get to know you.)

For those who wish to share their visit:

We can arrange to join you professionally, with any number of Masters, Mistresses and slaves. When appropriate, we “open the doors” and tell other members of La Domaine that they are welcome to get to know you as well. We like to dine with our guests and occasionally ask an additional couple to join us. When you dine with us, we have a serving slave and a kitchen wench present.

Remember, La Domaine is always available for you to use as a B&B getaway. You do not have to utilize any of our other services to visit.

The Guest Room



Guest Room Amenities include:


  • Queen Sized bed with multiple tie down points for kinky fun!  Foam or Feather pillows upon request.
  • A private full bathroom with a shower and elegant 2-person bathtub.
  • A large standing X-Cross attached to the wall. The cross is flanked by hanging ropes, whips, clamps, feathers, shackles, handcuffs, a yoke and an assortment of goodies to tantalize your imagination.
  • An extensive erotic library, with photography books, written erotica, rare volumes of BDSM literature, how to books and magazines, erotic magazines, The Constitution and Declaration of Independence in Braille, Books on The Goddess, erotic classics, sexual abecedaries and a very odd miscellany (Dirty Limericks, erotic cookbooks, bawdy ballads, Mao Tse-Tung, Peter Pan etc).
  • Fresh flowers are picked daily.

The Great Outdoors

La Domaine is located in a discreet and quiet country setting. There is lots of outdoor play space to be discovered. We are surrounded by North East forests; the birch and evergreens shield our play area from the wandering eye and provide complete privacy. We have an outside cross, natural structures full of anchor points,  an area for pony play and plenty of room for long whips. Perhaps the most unique piece of all,  an outdoor barbecue spit designed for the fetish known as Schwanandreher serves as a wonderful rotating bondage toy, or a great mindfuck! There is a lovely fire pit for you to enjoy and campfire wood is provided. For those who love the great outdoors a weekend camping trip is sure to speak to you. For rates and availability, please give us a call.