Our events calendar is where we announce upcoming special events or workshops at La Domaine and our plans to travel to other places. Special events can take many forms including workshops, lectures, demos and special guests. When traveling, we may be visiting friends in far-off places, heading to Albany for a party, or attending a kinky event near you. In announcing such plans we often invite fans who live near our destination to come meet us there.

Friends and fans should check this page to stay abreast of sudden and planned happenings at La Domaine.

La Domaine’s Educational Outreach Program

As many of you know, Mistress More and Master R have done a variety of class presentations at colleges and universities around the country. We hold very open and freewheeling classes, sometimes for small groups of fifteen or twenty students in a class, sometimes for big mobs that have exceeded two hundred in a large lecture hall. In every situation, the presentations have been enormously successful. We always make them open to the public, so if you would like to attend our next class please contact us.

Also, if you know of colleges or universities where you think we should be presenting, please let us know. Connections to specific professors do help.

Mistress More and Master R are also available occasionally in the Syracuse, NY area. Please contact us for dates.