The La Domaine Esemar dungeon is stocked with the finest quality of whips, furniture and toys. The La Domaine Esemar guest room has a library of fine books and magazines. The La Domaine slaves, when they wear anything at all, wear erotic clothing designed for us. The jewelry, piercings, nipple shields and collars you see at Esemar are often custom creations.

For years we have had inquiries about where to find the remarkable quality items associated with La Domaine. Now the answer is simple. Through the La Domaine Esemar store.

Whips are back!

Wonderful whips. We thought, when we lost the great Joe Wheeler as our whip maker, we would never find an equivalent in quality. Now, after years of literally searching the world, we have found someone; a New Zealand maker of working whips. Peter Jack’s whips are superb. In fact, we have never seen a new whip throw with the accuracy and fluidity of his single tails (signal whips) and bull whips. Peter makes his whips from the best kangaroo leather we have seen. He was glad to continue the La D whip tradition of ten plait whips. Most makers go from eight directly to twelve plait. We find the eight a little light for our masochists and the twelve too heavy for beginners. Of course he also makes the standard eight, twelve, sixteen, twenty plait whips and more. We are particularly in lust with the ten plait, four foot, bullwhip. What a whip. The first four we got went to the first three people to try them!

Clothing by My Own Brain Productions

Some of the most erotic clothing being made today, both for street wear and dungeon wear, is created by our own Mistress Bella Vendetta. From punk sleaze to fine evening wear, Bella’s style is extraordinary and unique. Her one of a kind creations are available for women and men, and her line of designs we call Concepts For Cross-dressers represents the cutting edge of sensuality. Be sure to visit to see her many kinks.

Erotic Ceramics by Mistress Gina

Subtle BDSM sculptural figurines with fabulous patinas. BDSM chess sets (Shown is the pawn. But beware of the black queen and the oh so kinky bishops!). Small works reminiscent of great Henry Moore forms, but all with a kinky twist. These are simple ceramics of great beauty, a line so unique, we felt Gina’s work to be ideal for the La Domaine store. These make wonderful gifts, at incredibly reasonable prices.

The Devil’s Tail by Native American Exotics

Our toy of the decade award goes to the Devil’s Tail. This amazing little slapper is made of a disk of antler, a carbon steel rod and an antler handle with woven rawhide around it. The Devil’s Tail has a sting like no other implement. It is ridiculously low-priced at $50 and shipping. Everyone should have one! Everyone who tries one here seems to buy one. It is our best selling item by far. The rest of the Native American Exotics line is pretty extraordinary as well. Cuffs made from alligator. Claws made from antlers. Creative rawhide bindings. These beautiful toys could make a Nez Perce cry. Wait…they do!!!

Secret Publications

Jurgen Boedt is the editor of the finest BDSM magazine in the world, Secret Magazine, as well as the publisher of some of the most stunningly beautiful photographic explorations of our sexuality found in art book format. By special arrangement with Jurgen, we always have the current issue of Secret Magazine and a selection of back issues available, as well as a choice selection of books sent to us by this remarkable publisher from Belgium. Incidentally, Master R is a regular contributor to Secret Magazine, which works to all of our best advantage, as Jurgen allows us to sell his publications at prices below what one finds in bookstores, and usually for less than what one finds on his own website.