Paying Homage

“It’s not the size of the chateau, it’s the quality of the wine.” — Robert Parker

La Domaine Esemar is the oldest BDSM training chateau in the world. Started by the extraordinary Madame and her partner Master R in 1993, La Domaine quickly became recognized for its unique style and its outstanding quality of BDSM.

In the past twenty years, clients have arrived from throughout the US and Canada, from England, Germany, Switzerland, France, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and even as far away as Pago Pago Samoa. In addition to the clients, the world’s greatest Mistresses and Masters have visited, each bringing

their own style and contributing to the ever growing quality of La Domaine.

Over the years, Esemar has had a remarkable procession of Mistresses and Masters, all of them trained to the highest standards. Our Head Mistresses, Madame, Domina Raven, Mistress Collette, Mistress More, and Miss Couple are all recognized as among the greatest Dominas in the world. Master R, Master Gary and Master Max are also considered to be among the elites. The house and personal slaves they have trained are the envy of all who see them, and their clients, when seen by other Dominants, receive the highest accolades. A La Domaine trained individual can be recognized by the well trained eye, and to everyone else their energy is magnetic. As Charles Bukowski says, “The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it – basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.”

La Domaine’s future is well-defined and promising. Esemar shall continue to have the finest Dominas and Dominants one can find anywhere. With their Mistress and Master in Training program now recognized as the place to come and study, with the acolyte program for house and personal slaves producing slaves of memorable quality, and with the remarkable devotion of their individual and couple clientele, all can be assured, La Domaine will continue to play a unique and important role in the history of BDSM.