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Genre: BDSM, Erotic

Lea’s Review:

Master: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Master R is a pleasure to read; it serves as a stimulant to the intellect as well as the senses. Written in a comfortable conversational style, there is a give and take between Master R and the reader as chapters build in a crescendo and just about the time it begins to feel a bit too intense, it tapers off and the reader is soothed with a soft remembrance or amusing anecdote by Master R… who then presents another chapter to build again toward another great crescendo. There are chapters on interesting people in the BDSM world, historical perspectives on freedom, personal successes, lessons learned, great generosity and great emotional angst. There is also great humor. Master R’s “Ten Things You Don’t Want to Hear Your Dominatrix Say”, has become a source for much laughter in my home and is sure to become an on-going joke among our friends.

A few people had suggested this might be a difficult book to read; I did not find that to be the case. Master R relates a wide variety of sexual experiences, but this is an autobiography not a religious tract; there is no effort made to seduce one into converting to the BDSM world, and I don’t think that would even be possible. The author simply presents information with the reasonable expectation that people accept that BDSM exists and that it is a healthy and normal sexual expression for many people. The point is made that everyone has comfort levels and limits and everyone in this country has, or is supposed to have, the right to explore those limits and live as they please as long as no one is coerced into participation and they do no harm.

A large portion of Master: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Master R, in fact, I would say the underlying tenet within these pages, is a reminder of the Truths on which this country was founded, the unalienable right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. These were not written by Jefferson as inalienable rights, meaning God given, but unalienable rights meaning that which cannot be taken away. Master R makes a very clear case for the importance of this distinction to basic freedoms in this country.

I will warn you that this paragraph is a spoiler for one chapter in the book but it made such an impact on me that I would like to share. At only one point in this book was I truly horrified and confused by a scene. However, by that point of reading I had reached a level of trust with the author and needed to understand why this revolting, violent and inhumane scene was taking place. Within a few paragraphs I reached the point of a reality check by Master R that the scene was nothing they would ever, ever consider doing at La Domaine Esemar. That scene is, however, an accurate representation of the type of torture that has been approved by the United States Government as well as 45% of the population. The paragraphs that follow that scene talk about taking a stand against torture and how that relates to personal freedom in this country as well as our place in the world. It is definitely worth reading.

It seems fitting to me that I have read this book and am writing this review during Banned Books Week 2010. According to the American Library Association, the foundation for Banned Books Week is intellectual freedom—the freedom to access information and express ideas, even if the information and ideas might be considered unorthodox or unpopular. It is also a week in which several young men have committed suicide as a direct result of being beaten, belittled and ridiculed for their sexual truth, their homosexuality. The difficulties and potential repercussions of being open with one’s family and friends about one’s BDSM sexuality, the every growing number of banned books and the persecution of young men due to their sexual persuasion are all parts of the elephant in the living room of our country. It is my hope that Master R is correct in saying,”…we are all a part of an evolution, one that will take us to a time when all persons have an equal right to choose their sexuality as they see fit.”

In reading Master: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Master R, I could easily relate to the times and early life experiences of Master R. I remember from my childhood those terrible days when JFK, RK and MLK were assassinated. And being just a few years younger than Master R, I also protested the Vietnam War and attended college in the time of free…everything. While that probably enhanced my enjoyment of this book, I think anyone interested in having a broader understanding and appreciation for sexuality as well as associated historical/political frameworks will appreciate this book. I fully expect to see this as required reading in sexuality and sociology classes in colleges.

Rated “5 Ravens” and a Recommended Read by Lea!

Within three days of its release, Miss Adventure, columnist for The Boston Phoenix was asked to recommend summer reading. MASTER was her only recommendation. Her column is reprinted below. Miss Adventure has been reading R’s writings for many years…

The last book Miss Adventure read on the beach was the original shark tale, Peter Benchley’s JAWS and she hasn’t been back in the water since. However, your question couldn’t have come at a better time. Our friend, libertine-inspiration and newly-pressed author, Master R of Domaine Esemar fame has just published his long-awaited memoirs, self titled: “Master: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Master R.” As head of the oldest BDSM B&B in the country, Master R has a unique perspective on politics, civil rights and everything under the sun when it comes to sexuality.

To hear him tell it, is to envy, “I have had a remarkable and rewarding life. I run the finest BDSM training chateau in the world. I am a successful First Amendment/Free Speech warrior. I am an accomplished musician and educator. I have been graced with extra-ordinary relationships in human sexuality. I wanted to take all this and much more from my heart, write it down and share it. MASTER is a political treatise, an erotic adventure, a poem, a crazy, funny, touching insight into modern kink, a primer for Americans, but mostly, it is what I hoped it would be: an unauthorized autobiography.”

Reviews are already coming in hot and heavy. Legendary octogenarian dominatrix Belle du Jour called it “A must read.” Former Yale Professor, Kenneth Haltman heralded it as “A philosophical treatise on human dignity.” So drop kick Stephen King, bury Maeve Binchy and check out this hot hot hot slice of extraordinary life in the scene. Your bookmark is sure to melt!

“She called me a libertine-inspiration!” said Master R with tears in his eyes.

A New Review from Dark Diva Reviews
In September 2010, Dark Diva Reviews published a great review saying, in part:

“…I was captivated by the details and strength of Master R’s words.”

Read Dark Diva’s Review here.

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I saw quite an on-line attack on a professional Domina recently. The claim was made that what she did could not be BDSM because the slave was paying for it and this meant there could be NO REAL EMOTIONAL EXCHANGE. Please bear in mind that this was said, in the ignorance of chat-rooms, by someone with no knowledge of, or personal familiarity with, the professional side of BDSM relationships. Several in the chat-room went on to say that professional BDSM was… Read Full Chapter

Warning: This is not an introductory excerpt. REAL TORTURE starts with exxxtreme brutality. Please do not begin to read this piece unless, having read this warning, you intend to read it in its entirety. This is a piece of writing with a very specific intent. To understand that intent, one must read the full story. We feel it is an important piece, one that belongs on this site for your consideration, but as the Boy Scouts say; “Be Prepared.” Read Full Chapter

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