Are the Dominants available for out-call to hotels and private residences or is it in-call only?

We will occasionally do an out-call, traveling anywhere in the world. However, unless you know of an equivalent dungeon, and lineage, like ours, we encourage you to come to La Domaine, as so much more can happen here.

Why don’t you list the age & measurements of Dominants on the site?

If the Dominant does not object to their picture being on the world wide web, then a picture is there for you to worship. Otherwise, we save appropriate descriptive and private pleasures for our discussion of your interests during our telephone interview.

Are double domme sessions available?

Double, triple. Mistress/Master, sessions with slaves…if you think it belongs at an BDSM Chateau, we probably think so too.

Are the Dominants pros only or are they also lifestyle dommes?

All our Dominants are deeply involved in this lifestyle. Anyone who is not, in our opinion, is committing a fraud. Within those perimeters, we have both professional Dominants who make their living as Mistresses and Masters, as well as others who have the widest possible array of “day jobs.”

What time do you book the first and last session of the day?

Extreme masochists are welcome as early as ten a.m. For those of you who do not wish to encounter a Dominant when they are just awakening, we recommend you see us in between eleven a.m. and nine p.m. We do see people on weekends, however appointments need to be set during the week.

How much notice is required to set up an appointment? Do you take same day appointments?

We prefer at least a two day advance booking. However, if you awaken one morning deliriously hot, find yourself in our area, or feel this is the day you finally must do this, please contact us. If an appropriate Dominant is available, and the dungeon is free, we enjoy spontaneity.

Why do you not list your prices on your website?

We tailor all our sessions to the individual client or couple. Although we do have a basic price format, we prefer to discuss your interests first, and then decide upon an appropriate tribute. Our tributes are fair, and in line with what one should expect to be charged by well-qualified professionals.

Are there things you won’t do?

We do not play with children, we do not play with animals, other than humans, and we will not cross the line into prostitution. Other than that, we take great pride in offering all that the world’s finest BDSM training chateau should offer. We welcome your challenging our imaginations!