Acolytes/House slaves


Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 1.33.30 PMLa Domaine Esemar is not just for the guests and party visitors. We are very aware that some people are meant to have an BDSM Chateau play an important, consistent role in their lives. For those select few who wish to make a deeper and more serious commitment to the lifestyle, we offer our “acolyte positions”. These are a way to enter the household on a non-professional basis.

Applicants must be willing to devote their hearts, minds, and overall sexuality to the Dominants and submissives of La Domaine. For those, who like us, crave to be a part of a great BDSM Chateau, this is an opportunity to come and join us for the ride of a lifetime. Only the very serious need inquire. You must have time available to serve on a weekly basis or biweekly basis and be able to offer a specific skill set to the house (cleaning, handiwork, yard work, cooking, office work…etc). La Domaine Esemar is a home, and you will be making a commitment to a family.

Life at Esemar has many rewards for the few who are meant to share fully in our experience.