Excerpts from Master: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Master R

Children have an uncanny, intuitive knowledge of power and hierarchy. Even at age nine, Terry knew she could create situations where she could control the fate of her one-year younger brother, Robby. She had several of the neighborhood boys take him into a field and hold him down, where they first gave him a very traditional pink-belly and then they cut switches and laid into his bare arms, stomach and thighs until his tears and cries had mixed and subsided. When they finally let him go, Robby went off to deal with his confusion and his anger. He ran his fingers over the thin, raised welts, again and again. As his eyes dried, he studied the criss-cross pattern of random excitement applied by older children. Robby spent the rest of the day watching his anger fade with the welts, remembering their pleasure at the application of the switch, and gradually realizing his own juvenile arousal. 

The next day I begged them to do it all again. Being oh so cruel, they refused.

We all come from five thousand years of pharaohs and slaves. Guess which side you were on. Then, about two hundred and twenty years ago, a group of all white men said, “we can do better” and Thomas Jefferson locked himself in his room with his violin and his slave and came up with “all men are created equal.” These words contained an immutable and irrefutable truth. Within sixty years, major powers began outlawing slavery (Great Britain did it first). Then, we began to realize that as long as there was an economic pharaoh, there would be slaves, and the labor movement began. Shortly after that it became clear that the residue of slavery, racism, would have to be forever banished if the truth we all craved was to become reality. In the historical wink of an eye, we next began to address sexism, the oldest ism, the ism that existed before the barriers of locality began to fall, allowing racism. Today, it is our privilege to continue the clean up, and now we include ageism as well. Soon we will realize that the right to the equal pursuits of happiness include the right to pursue the sexuality of our choice. We see this process beginning as “all persuasions welcomed” becomes a concept accepted by more and more people, around the beloved terra firma. 

There is one central theme in all this, intrinsic to understanding modern BDSM sexuality. It is a theme created by the fall of pharaoh. It is reflected in the work place, the eating-place, and the play space. Simply put; there is a difference between involuntary servitude and voluntary submission.

“Offer slave!!” The slave strains to offer. Tied in bondage so restrictive that nothing can move, blindfolded so that Master can not see the eyes, gagged so that there can be no sound, the slave lets me know the offer has been made. The breath has grown more even; it comes from a place even deeper than before. A voice that cannot be heard is crying out, “take it all, my beloved Master.” 

I teach my slaves that offer is a very complex action. It is not simply a motion that protrudes the breasts, or pumps up a cock, or makes any other part of the body more available. The slave is taught that it is not an offer until it is a craving. The slave must crave the next level of intensity so totally that I cannot resist the offer. 

Slave shine was tied in the bondage chair, the one Madame and I had designed, where he was receiving a very substantial whipping from the lash of The Baroness and The Madame. This was a textbook, classic, page 96, serious flogging. I was watching from the stairs that led down to our little inferno. Whenever I noticed shine starting to emerge from the submission, I would lean into the edge of the heat and in soft and low voice say, “Offer slave.” Each time the breathing became more regular and the trance more encompassing. Each time, shine strove to crave a blow harder than the previous one, but far more importantly, he craved the ability to satisfy the two remarkable women who had accepted the gift of his sexuality. To offer is to crave so deeply that the offer cannot be refused. 

SM is an art. It probes into the psyche and expands our definitions of our selves. The art calls for knowledge of tools, materials and techniques. Then, like all the arts, it calls for individual creativity that leads to better communication amongst the people that share an interest in the art form. “Offer slave” is a part of the vocabulary in my approach to the art. This is high-powered sexual communication. Even the act of offering can create new inspirations. My Domlust soars when a slave learns to offer. When I feel slavecrave, I know that I am free to create. I have been offered a loving canvas on which to paint. 

“Offer slave” is a fun orgasm toy. “Offer me an orgasm slave!” mayipleasecomeMasterplease. “NO SLAVE, OFFER ME AN ORGASM!” 

Masterhereismy orgasmpleaseacceptit. “NOT YET SLAVE, OFFER MORE.” 

Notice that was not-offer me it again; it was offer me more. You now know that that means crave. Crave to give Master the profound satisfaction of your orgasm. “HOTTER SLAVE, OBVIOUSLY I CAN STILL RESIST YOUR PLEA. OFFER SO DEEPLY THAT I CAN NOT REFUSE YOUR GIFT!” ohMasterpleasestopori’llcomeMasterpleaseacceptmyorgasm. “BETTER SLAVE, DEEPER THIS TIME.” The slave’s voice becomes more distant and yet closer. The slave is more lost than before, and yet that much closer to finding the depths of slavesoul in an offering. Hundreds of near orgasms later, I allow the slave relief. The writhing is exquisite; the slavemoans totally arousing. The gift is worth the wait. “Master, did my orgasm please you?” is a beautiful sound. I have had an excellent experience. The gift of slavecome is a powerful aphrodisiac. The slave’s offering has made me crave. I take all that has been offered and explode in the head-swirled saturations of Dominance. And then, the slave thanks me! It is as if the canvas has thanked the artist for the gift of self.

It’s the way the eyes glaze over. It’s the flush in the cheek. It’s the foundation for devotion. It’s a heart racing like never before. It’s labia engorged to the maddening point. It’s cock so hard it foretells the unavoidable explosion that must be avoided at all costs. It’s the tone in the voice; the tone that says, I am yours. It can be the very basis of a relationship. 

It’s slavelust. It is what makes this Master desire his slaves. It is what lets me know that I can go further this time; that my slave is whatever I want to do. It is the tool for introduction. It is the path for creativity. It is what makes the slave crave perfection for the Master. It is what makes the slave servile. It is what makes the slave love the Master. It is what makes the slave. 

“What is the purpose of a slave?” “The purpose of a slave is to stay as hot as the Master wants for as long as the Master wants, and to serve his pleasure at all times.” Every slave I’ve had in the last ten years has learned this mantra. I don’t mean that they’ve learned to say it, although they all have. I mean that in their slavesoul they’ve learned that this is what makes them slave. I will gladly leave a new slave aroused for days until they understand slavelust. I will play with them as much as I choose (and I choose to play with them as much as time permits) and leave them on the edge of orgasm again and again. I will stroke the cheek and pinch the nipples and slap the cock and rub the pussy and watch as the delirium sets in and resides in the slaveheart for days or even weeks. Lucky slave. I will enjoy the total dedication to Master that evolves as slave realizes how hot they are becoming. I love to see, to take as my own, the enlightenment, understanding and insight into their slavesouls as slavelust and my palm and fingertips become the slave’s world. 

“More sex, slave. Send it from your swelling, throbbing clit into my fingers. Send it from your slavesoul into your cock to my palm. Get me hotter slave! Deeper slave. The slavelust is so very deep in you. Reach for it. You need to reach deeper and GIVE ME MORE SEX, SLAVE.” The body desires the orgasm, but not as much as the slave desires to please. The slave craves explosion, but that is secondary to making the slavelust grow for my pleasure. Do not ask for whom the balls toll, they toll for Master. They call out not for orgasm, but for greater desire. “If you come this month slave, it will be for my pleasure, and right now, I only want you hotter. MORE SLAVE.” 

If you are a sexual being, (why else would you still be reading this?) then you know what it feels like to lust for someone. You may know the other side of this yin/yang. You can recognize when someone is lusting for you. This energy is the starting point. If you want to introduce your lover to some Dominant energy, try this. Sometime when the lust is flowing and the pheromones are in bloom, kiss your lover; but just barely. As soon as your partner starts to respond, pull back. Watch the startled look in the eyes. Do it again. This time, when your partner goes for your lips, pull back and tell them not to grab. Then do it again. Tell them they must be still. Tell them it’s rude to grab. Then kiss, barely kiss, again. And again, and again. Now pay attention as the desire begins; the want of your lips, the need for the kiss to be longer and deeper. These short unfulfilling kisses will make the lust rise and race. Often, you will need to be quick, almost reflexive, to get your lips back as lust overwhelms your partner’s control, and they make a stab for your lips. When nipples harden and breath quickens, you’re seeing slavelust begin. The first time this was done to me, by my friend (not Dom, just friend) Star, I could feel the entire dynamics of our relationship changing. Star teased me like this for about thirty minutes. I felt myself slipping into a place where I craved nothing more than the fullest touch of her lips on my own. By the end of the half an hour, Star could have tied me up, or down, and done anything her little novice heart desired. I was stricken with slavelust. oh please, just a kiss. i beg you. just a kiss. 

slave’s lust for Master’s touch. They lust for our pleasure. They lust so they can be taken further and further into their slavesoul. They lust because a Master knows how to make them lust. They lust because they trust their Master. They lust because they have little choice; “The purpose of a slave is to stay as hot as the Master wants for as long as the Master wants…” They lust because they need satisfaction, and their satisfaction exists for their Master, not for their own selfish needs and being. The better trained the slave, the better they are at providing Master with slavelust. “Reach deeper inside yourself slave, and give me your reason to be.” slaves lust because they no longer exist for their own pleasure, but for their Master’s pleasure. Their lust is not common lust, it is slavelust. Their passions are literally for their Master. We do what we want with their passions, when we want their passions, which is why it is the Master’s responsibility to take the slave to this level of communication and leave them there. Leave them in their slavelust so they can be used. fully and totally used, at a moments beckoning. Leave them hard, or wet, for long periods of time, or for fleeting and ethereal moments. Brush their lips or whip them into frenzies and they are lost in slavelust. Help your slave to understand the importance of slavelust. Guide them to the depths of this power filled current. Teach them to call it forth, for you. Help them to find their slavelust and let them offer it to you. For days, weeks, months and lifetimes. It is important to remember: a slave’s world can fit in the palm of your hand, as well as the center of your soul. 

I want to thank a specific group of people; all the mates who play S/m with their partners out of love, not lust. I mean those of you who do not have S/m sexualities, but yet, in your desire for a full, healthy and enriching relationship, do it because your lover enjoys it. You are very special. 

Here at La Domaine Esemar, we see a constant chain of individuals who have mates who will not explore their partner’s sexuality with them. These people have often been told to bury their desires, their sexual personas. They are alone in what should be their sea of shared passions. They come here because they realize that all people have an entitlement to pursue their happiness and sexuality is part of a healthy adult’s happiness. Of the hundreds who have visited, I have yet to meet a single one who does not wish that their partner would play with them. I have met many who are afraid to even mention their desires to mates they have been with for decades. Most of these people “said something years ago” and got flatly rejected or worse, they got told they were sick and at the next mention of such a terrible thing, they could expect the filing of divorce papers. Yet there are those of you who have responded, ” I can do this for you. You are not terrible, I love you and will explore with you.” These people may not ever find what we find in S/m sexuality, but what they do find is something to cherish: another aspect to their love. 

The philosopher Santayana said: “Love is a physical drive with an ideal intent.” I used to wonder how these wonderful people can share this sexuality if the physical drive of S/m is not there. I have gradually come to understand that the intent of their love is to allow their partner their own ideal and their own physical drive. In doing so, many of these giving people find a different form of physical drive and fulfillment within the S/m context. Their satisfaction is different from their partner’s, but it is, nonetheless, a deeply meaning filled satisfaction. I know because I have been told this many times by the mates who play S/m simply out of a desire to share their partner’s sexual interests. 

This leads to another issue. What of those who have not given their mates the chance to share their S/m needs with them? We also have many visitors who feel they cannot tell their partner of their secret desires. No doubt, many of these people are correct; they know their mates well enough to be right in anticipating rejection if they were to mention what they wanted. Yet, over and over, we have met people who did not say anything for decades, and when, in desperation, they finally did speak of their needs, they found out their partner would gladly share their sexuality with them, and would have all along. I would suggest that they have not been fair to their partner. I have seen the stress this non-communication puts on an otherwise loving and balanced relationship. 

So what’s a lover to do? Keep their sexuality repressed inside, speak and face rejection, or secretly visit a professional establishment to get their very real needs answered? I feel the first approach is next to worthless. The only time it is at all acceptable is if you know, beyond any doubt, that you would be meet with scathing rejection. I do not mean met with a casual “oh that does not interest me”. If the casual response is what you anticipate, you owe it to your relationship to be more open and honest, and you will be relating. Who knows what will follow once you are relating? The worse case scenario here is not as bad as the dishonesty of never speaking of your needs. The second solution, visiting a Dominatrix, seems more valid to me than going through life without coming to understand your own sexual being. But, in deepest respect of all those who have said, “Yes, I will try this because I love you”, I want to suggest a third path: the subtle advance. 

Subtlety is a wonderful thing, almost lyrical when it is used in a sexual manner. If you don’t know what the response to your S/m desires will be, here is one great tool to use to find out. Silk scarves. Pull them out from under your pillow when the passion is flowing and with a soft and lust-crazed tone say something like “May I put these around your wrists” or “would you like to try tying me down?” The reason this works well is simple; silk is so non-threatening. Rope has connotations and is visually upsetting to some. However, silk scarves are soft, flowing, delicate and even gentle; all terms we usually associate with making love. I won’t go into how to proceed from there, other than to say: if it works, be sure to show your appreciation afterwards and let your lover know how long you have wanted to try this, and how much it means to you that they are willing to explore this with you and how relieved you are to have this out in the open and how much you love them and etc, etc, etc. 

Not all mates will respond in the hoped for manner, but in all fairness to yourself and the one you love, don’t you think your lover deserves the opportunity to respond positively to your sexuality before you close it down or take it elsewhere? If you are one of the many who finds that their mate will play with them out of love and respect, you will be glad you had those silk scarves under your pillow. If you have been intuitive in picking a mate, you may find out you have a lover who shares your interest and that S/m has been a part of your mutual attraction all along. You may even find yourself with a new strength in your relationship, a strength built on a sexual respect that has been there all along. If you are the mate, I hope, should those silk scarves suddenly appear, you use your physical drive to motivate your desire to share with your lover. I hope the ideal intent will take you to new depths of meaning and whole new levels of involvement. You will be among those wonderful lovers I thanked at the beginning of this article, one of the precious many who care enough to go with their mate on one of their most important explorations. I suspect you will find the experience to build new trust, new levels of devotion into your relationship. 

And what the heck…if it does not work for you, you will have some nice new silk scarves to wear. If it does work, you can wear them with a flair that says, “We care.” You can wear them here, with your mate, and you will know how much your mate appreciates you, and how much we respect you. 

I saw quite an on-line attack on a professional Domina recently. The claim was made that what she did could not be BDSM because the slave was paying for it and this meant there could be NO REAL EMOTIONAL EXCHANGE. Please bear in mind that this was said, in the ignorance of chat-rooms, by someone with no knowledge of, or personal familiarity with, the professional side of BDSM relationships. Several in the chat-room went on to say that professional BDSM was little more than prostitution. I only add that to indicate the mindset of this particular group, so let’s just ignore the slam of the worlds oldest, and perhaps most needed profession, and let’s also ignore the prejudice displayed by people towards working women. This is not about moralistic viewpoints. Rather, I simply (hah!) want to look at the relationship between a Master and a slave, compared with the relationship between a professional Master and his slave/client. 

I have been a Master for some time. A slave started calling me that in 1978. I have had many non-professional Master/slave relationships in all these years, and each one had a different emotional component. With some, the emotional exchange was as intense as could be imagined…not even spoken. I have also known some slaves, mostly masochists, who placed no value on the emotional aspect. They knew of my Mastery and came to me to be used. Simple as that. Sometimes emotional bonds would grow, sometimes they would not. A few actually became lovers in the larger sense. 

Recall the quote from Santayana; “Love is a physical drive with an ideal intent.” BDSM is often a purely physical drive. It can be totally, and quite successfully, separated from the ideal intent of love. Particularly in many popular arenas of this emerging life-style, you see people playing with people for whom they have little or no love, i.e., they have plenty of physical drive, but no real considered or ideal intent. However, you also do find Masters who prefer to add the ideal intent. These are Masters who feel that all BDSM is about relationships, even if they are fleeting, and any relationship has the capacity to shape a life, for better or for worse. As a professional Master, it is easy to see that I deal with physical drives in virtually every situation, with every client, female or male. However, I want to explore something on the other side; the ideal intent and what that means to me as a professional Master. 

Every time a client comes into Esemar, I must consider what their intent is, and what mine, in turn, needs to be. I must have a serious concept of what I hope to accomplish. That governing concept must create a session where the very best, the ideal exchange, is accomplished between Master and slave. 

This is not as simple and one-dimensional as it sounds. I have had men and women come to see me who have had serious personal issues that they were working out through SM. They came to see a good professional because they could find no one else that could see them through their intense levels of need. Before every one of these challenging sessions, I think about who this slave is as a person with needs, what I’ve accomplished with the slave in the past, and just what I can hope to accomplish that day. These are deep emotional explorations. I often must tread carefully. I must know my slaves’ emotional place and balance. I am entrusted with a very great gift, a person’s psyche. Of course I get emotionally involved. I am dominating a person, not riding a horse. 

Think of the social courage it takes for a woman to go to a professional male Dominant. Beyond that, think of the needs she must be experiencing for her to decide to take this course and turn to a professional. It is an enormous accomplishment for a woman to free herself enough to walk through these doors. How about the man who finds himself completely compelled to be tied by another male? He has no “gay” tendencies. He does not yet know that his sexuality is not gay or straight, rather it is SM. He is petrified that his visit will be taking him to a place where he will dislike the man he finds inside himself. Yet he must deal with these drives, he must explore this part of his sexual persona. It is of crucial importance that I give him a healthy and sexy experience. Or how about the couples who come where BDSM is loved by one and feared by the other as a disease? Think that’s an easy piece of work, to help them find a sexual balance that benefits them both? These examples barely scratch the surface reflecting what every person brings. Every client has a soul. Some have issues and situations far more complex than what I just outlined. 

People who come to La Domaine feel that going to a professional, to someone highly competent, with years of insights, is a goddess sent solution to their needs, their desires and their dilemmas. Of course they pay the professional for his competence, but does that mean that the exchange of dollars negates an emotional exchange? Or does it actually mean that the Master is at more of a demand to be emotionally involved? These people are not going to the titty titty lounge to buy a stripper whipper. They are looking for a person who has some Mastery of the BDSM psyche. That mastery of the BDSM psyche compels emotional involvement. When I look at my professional peers, I see people who give an enormous amount of ideal intent to their slaves. That giving is precisely what determines a great Dominatrix. Well, that coupled with skill, skill and more skill. 

I do have clients who become personal slaves. I also have ones, and it is the majority, who stay as clients. They prefer that. Unless there are very personal sparks flying between us, I prefer that also. They feel they should pay their dentist, their doctor, their plumber, whomever they use for professional services. I agree. They even bring gifts in addition to “the tribute.” 

I see a lot of non-professional Masters out there who put a great deal of physical drive into their Master/slave relationships. I see that most add ideal intent to their relationships. My intent when I am in a private relationship is precisely the same as my intent in a professional one: to make the BDSM the finest experience possible. To me, personally, BDSM is a physical drive with an ideal intent. It makes no difference if capitalism has once again raised its ugly head and one more person has been paid for his years of hard work and study. The only difference to me, between the private and the professional play, is how I may act if I want to make love with a slave who is a professional client. I cannot do that legally. If those sexual sparks fly with a client, I will ask the slave to join me in a private relationship. Aside from that, I care for all my slaves. Whether they are professional or private, they have entrusted me with a great personal trust, a place in their sexual growth, and an opportunity to guide them to the sexual heights they have dreamed of attaining, in their wildest dreams. Every great professional Dom or Domina I have met shares these feelings. The emotional exchange could not be more real. It is just exchanged under the conditions that professionalism demands. 

Warning: This is not an introductory excerpt. REAL TORTURE starts with exxxtreme brutality. Please do not begin to read this piece unless, having read this warning, you intend to read it in its entirety. This is a piece of writing with a very specific intent. To understand that intent, one must read the full story. We feel it is an important piece, one that belongs on this site for your consideration, but as the Boy Scouts say; “Be Prepared.”

The Colonel had slipped in the basement door. He was threading his way through the lower chambers when he heard her moan. He carefully opened one last door and there she was, strapped to a tall, black post. She appeared to be hanging in her bonds, as if suspended by little more than her wrists. He could see her shoulder blades, pushing at the lily-white skin. The blades seem to push the dark red welts out, towards him, reminding the Colonel of a Carravagio painting, where the hand and arm seemed to extend from the canvas into reality. He walked up softly next to her and whispered, “I’m here to save you, do not make a sound, Ill get you out of here.” Suddenly he realized her hands were free. It was a trap. The realization came too late, she whirled around, knife blade to his throat, and she laughed and spat out the words, “No, you fool, I have you!” 

In the next instant, before he could even react and respond, his arch rivals, Madame and Master R, appeared from the shadows. They quickly shackled the Colonel to the very post from which he had intended to liberate their “victim.” “Now let the torture really begin,” said Madame with the evil smile he had come to both despise and secretly lust to see again. Suddenly Master R took a hammer and said, “Pay attention you worm.” “Tell us who sent you, are their others coming too, and where your terrorist base camp is located.” The Colonel hesitated, only momentarily. In that brief instant of trying to deny the information, Master R smiled viciously and smashed the hammer down onto his the biggest toe on his right foot. Before he felt the excruciating pain, he heard the bone shatter into splinters. “Tell us now,” hissed Madame. He knew the petite Madame was the cruel one, the psychotic one, the one who had to compensate for years of being treated small by the people he now worked with. He could not give her the information. He felt her hand grab his pants, felt the knife slice through the cloth as she tore away the protective layers of clothing. Then, one more time, her soft, seductive voice hissed, “Tell me now!” Again he hesitated, just momentarily. He felt her hand grab his penis as she began to press the knife’s tip into his left testicle. He screamed in pain as he felt the blade slice into his nut. He heard her laugh and felt her cruelty mix with her arousal. Suddenly he felt the hammer again, this time smashing into the top of his foot. He knew that if he survived, he would always have a crippled foot, always limp through his life. The Madame twisted the knife, with the blade still deep inside his testicle. The pain was too great to speak through. He could not reply, could not give them the information they sought. “Still no answer?” This time the voice was actually that of the woman he thought he had come to rescue. He felt her slide a metal rod right into his cock, deep into his urethra. Then he felt the electricity. He screamed and she laughed. Master R now had his hand, and proceeded to methodically smash each of his fingers, as Madame drove the knife through his other testicle and used that to pin him to the wall. “Tell us now!” they screamed, but the pain was too great, and he blacked out, into what would be a very temporary safe haven. The other woman threw acid on his pinned balls and the smell of his flesh, burning, quickly revived him to his vile and desperate situation, a situation that would lead to his slow dismemberment and pain-filled death. It would be a death at the hands of Madame and Master R, two of the government’s top operatives, both well trained at The School. 

REALITY CHECK: WE WOULD NEVER PLAY LIKE THIS. Actually, you have been sexually set up for a political purpose. I saw a survey last week that said 45% of the people polled approved of torture to gain information about terrorists. 45 %! In a country that is supposed to cherish the unalienable rights of all people, this is a warning signal that something is terrible wrong. I don’t mean something wrong on the outside of our nation, I mean something terribly wrong in our hearts. 

We all come from 10,000 years of being pharaohs or slaves. Guess which side you were on. Two hundred and twenty six years ago, a group of mortals said, “we can do better.” We began the process of turning our backs on the pharaohs, the kings, the tyrants, the torturers. We said “this must stop” to governments that trample our unalienable rights to life and liberty and pursuing happiness. Simply put, when the pharaoh could not control his slaves, he beat them, when that did not work, he threw them in jails, and when that did not work, he tortured them. If the torture failed, or it was simply his sadistic whim, he killed them. This is precisely what our foreparents, great Americans all, turned their backs on and said, “No more.” We call it the unalienable right to life. Not inalienable, which in Jefferson’s day implied god-given, but unalienable, which means, not to be given or taken by any government…anytime…anywhere. 

Yes, we have enemies. There have been enemies as long as there have been pharaohs to turn the brotherhood and sisterhood of human kind against each other. We need to recall, and recall quickly, that wars are always one pharaoh’s slaves killing another pharaoh’s slaves. Remember when Martin Luther King joined the civil rights movement with the anti war movement and won a Nobel Peace Prize. That is precisely what he was trying to teach us. 

Civilization moves forward with a cutting edge. Leading it forward are the American ideals, the ideals meant to put an end to torture and war and the rest of the tools of the pharaohs. In front of that edge, in the future, lies a world where we respect all citizens, where torture has ceased. Behind the cutting edge we have the hatreds bred so deeply into us by 10,000 years of leaders turning people against each other. Behind the cutting edge, we have hatred, racism, religious persecutions, jihads, torture, WAR, and the thousand other tools of the jingoist, tools that do nothing but keep us trapped in our darkest and most primitive ways. 

You can choose which side of this cutting edge of civilization you stand on. You can stand for the unalienable rights, for a world where “leaders” are not allowed to torture our family. You can help advance the American ideals, or you can stand behind that same cutting edge, and endorse the pharaohs who for thousands of years have maimed and killed us. You can stand with the racism, the hatreds, the false patriotism that keep us from our unalienable rights, or you can say “NO MORE. I stand with Jefferson’s dream, and Washington’s dream and the dreams of all our foreparents, a dream of a world free from pharaohs and their primitive ways.” If you stand on the forward side of this edge, you will slowly, very slowly, help advance these ideals that we call equality. If you stand behind this edge, you keep us mired in the bog of our past. It is a shared past. What we most need now is a shared commitment to a future where everyone, all citizens of this world, are recognized to be endowed with certain unalienable rights. Number one to work on, right now, today, in our own hearts and in our back yards and in our halls of governance, is a world free of torture. If we do not stand on the forward edge, we remain in the dark ways, and all the horrors we have seen and shared this long and painful autumn will continue. The pain shall never cease until we turn our Democratist backs on these primitive methods and beliefs. Let Americans stand as leaders in the struggle to put an end to these atrocities, not as people who resort to them and perpetuate them when it serves our purpose. For Washington’s sake, for Abigail Adam’s sake, for your sake and that of your children’s children, SAY NO TO TORTURE as an acceptable part of American policy.