La Domaine Esemar has a 1,250 square foot, extraordinarily well-equipped, dungeon for our guests’ pleasures as well as our own. We have the equipment to satisfy the most gentle novice to the most extreme masochist. A few of the most interesting pieces are pictured and described below.

Structural Pieces

Many of these pieces are designed by us, and unique to La Domaine. We have multiple saw horses, bondage beds, a full tilt St. Andrews cross, our one of a kind floating cross, the Esemar spin-o-rama toy, a suspended, swinging bondage bed, our own bondage chair, a unique bondage board, an antique barber’s chair with working hydraulics and restraints designed by Ken Savage, a head box, a medical table, a hydraulic massage table (just consider those possibilities!), a whipping post, stocks, a cage, an outside cross, and perhaps the most unique piece of all, for anyone who ever wanted to be roasted, an outdoor spit designed for the fetish known as schwanandreher.

Bondage and Restraint Equipment

Let’s start this list with over 2,000 ft of rope for bondage. In addition, we have suspension capabilities (indoors and outdoors), leather and rubber hoods for sensory deprivation, multiple blindfolds, saran wrap, opera gloves (one of our favorites), gas masks, gags (ball, phallic, metal, dental and inflatable), all sorts of tape, chains, slave shackles, leashes, collars, handcuffs, a wide assortment of leather wrist, ankle, thigh and neck restraints, chastity devices, spreader bars, parachute stretchers, butterfly boards, elaborate ball stretching devices, multiple weights, ball crushers, and on and on.

Corporal Discipline

We pride ourselves in our large selection of corporal equipment. Master R has been a connoisseur of unusual and hard to find items for over 30 years. Some of our corporal equipment has been custom made especially for us. This includes a wide assortment of whips by Joe Wheeler: 8-12-16 and 20 plait singletails, galley whips, and matched floggers unique to Esemar. In addition we have multiple dressage whips, lunge whips, a David Morgan bullwhip, floggers by Sasha, Janet Heartwood, and many others. We have leather floggers, elk floggers, rubber floggers, suede floggers, deerskin floggers and many more. We also have western oxen quirts, British tawses, the Queen’s own riding crop as well as an assortment of other riding crops, bats, cat-o-nine tails, fresh cut birch switches, leather straps, leather, rubber and wooden paddles, a viper, and a vast array of canes.

Sensation Play

Wax, clothespins, violet wands, branding irons, piercing rings, liquid latex, fire and flash cotton, double-ended brass clips, breast crushers, multiple nipple clamps, suction devices, furs, feathers, bitch gloves, vampire gloves, rubber gloves, shaving equipment and an enormous selection of things that buzzzzzzz.

Medical Play

The naughty nurse and doctor will see you now. We might start with an enema, followed by scrotal or labia infusion, temporary piercing, catheterization, suturing, staples, and urethral sounds. When was your last physical?

Cross Dressing Area

There is a fully stocked cross dressing area, which includes an extensive selection of the following: clothes, wigs, high-heeled shoes, make-up, and manicure and pedicure equipment. An eroticist could play for days in this area, separated from the rest of the dungeon.