La Domaine Party Schedule 2014

Mistress C

April 19-20 2014

To start off our 2014 party season with a BANG! we invited Los Angeles’ reigning Dominatrix, Mistress C. We met her at the EXXXOTICA convention and couldn’t get enough of her commanding presence and sexy smile! Mistress C is a Femdom warrior Goddess in every sense of the term, so service slaves, sissies, and pain sluts, this is the party for you! We have seen her wield whips, spank bottoms, tease and torment all in the middle of the Edison NJ convention center, where she showed the great depth of her abilities in the midst of mayhem.

In her own words: My specialties are Hypnotic Inductions Sissification, Feminization, spankings with most forms of corporal punishment, flogging, Erotica hypnosis, and other structured forms of disciplinarian lessons and submissive training. I would love to make you my B***ch in the absolute of ways. I am a Femdom and live the life of a woman who knows exactly what she wants. You are a tool which needs crafting so stand up and be useful. Your value is as good as your efforts to be what I desire.

For more information on Mistress C, visit her Fetlife profile :

Mistress C will be here for several days prior to the party and will be available for sessions with individual men, women, and couples. Please contact La Domaine to schedule an appointment.

What a thrilling way to start another exxxceptional Couple’s Party season!

Mistress Amiko

May 10-11 2014

Our favorite giggling sadist, Mistress Amiko from NYC will host our Kinky Carnival! Come one come all for a birthday celebration of epic proportions (it is Head Mistress Miss Couple, Mistress Edge, and slave do’s birthday this month!) and a kinky bounce house! This is Mistress Amiko’s second time hosting a party as a guest Mistress and she has quickly become a house favorite- don’t miss your opportunity to serve her while she’s here.

For more information on Mistress Amiko, please visit her website.

Goddess Sno

June 14-15 2014

We are honored that Goddess Sno, the mastermind behind the Feel Me Breathe Community Center, will be here to host our June party! Goddess Sno is an amazing teacher guide and mentor for people who are new to the lifestyle as well as experienced players.

In her own words: …I call “play”…”dance” because this is how I think it feels, an inner harmony between two or more people flowing in unison, with rhythm and energy being exchanged and mirrored. Dance comes with it’s own vocabulary, its own language. Music is not always necessary but, the rhythm between the partners to develop the language is essential.

For more on Feel Me Breathe, visit their website.

For more on Goddess Sno visit her fetlife profile (Username: Snoflak)

Mrs. Weltsova

July 19-20 2014

Mrs. Weltsova is a classic Disciplinarian Dominatrix.  Her deeply rooted approach to this intense aspect of BDSM has earned her a near legendary reputation. This stunning and powerful Russian will be bringing her Corporal skills to La Domaine. This party will be ideal for those wishing to experience the more formal aspects of caning, flogging, and above all, whipping.

For more insight on this remarkably ravishing Russian, visit her website.

Pony Play Party with Schadenfreude

Aug 9-10 2014

Schadenfreude is a young, but experienced dominant sadomasochist with a passion for pain and teaching others about BDSM.  One of her favorite areas of kink is pony play, for which she has won several awards including Grand Champion at Camp Crucible’s Legendary Pony Show in 2013. Schadenfreude is unique among pony players, because she plays both as a trainer and as a pony!  Due to her experience on both sides of the reins, her pony play workshops are informative and useful to anyone interested in pony play!

Schadenfreude will be hosting an afternoon pony play workshop on the 9th prior to our regular party. Topics covered will include tack, training and communication. See class descriptions below:

Getting Started with Pony Play: From Tack to Training

Ever dreamed of becoming or owning the perfect pony? This class will let that fantasy become a reality! I will cover all the basics you need in order to get started in Pony Play with plenty of anecdotal stories to inspire you! Topics that will be covered are safety, grooming, tack, play styles, and building all those concepts into your very own individualized routine.

The Language of Pony Play: Communicating Beyond the Bit

Whinnies, nickers and snorts, oh my! Come learn the subtle language of pony play. This class will not only teach you how to make authentic-sounding pony noises, but will also teach you what those noises mean. Whether you are a trainer or a pony, this class will help you understand your partner’s cues better.

For those interested attending in our Pony Play Workshop please Contact Us directly.

Mistress Magnum

September 13-14 2014

Murphy Blue

October 2014

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One of the great rope Masters of our time, Murphy Blue is making his third appearance as a Guest Master. This will be a terrific party for all our bondage enthusiasts. Seldom have we had a Guest as generous with his skills. Watching Murphy go non-stop through an entire evening, ropes flying with fearful symmetry and replete with the powers of control and restraint, was one of the highlights of last year’s season.  In addition to the party, Murphy has graciously agreed to do a Satyrday afternoon bondage workshop. Stay tuned for more details!

Learn more about Murphy at:

November Guest Mistress TBA