Monthly Parties


The La Domaine Esemar Montlhy Parties are one of the most extraordinary offerings at the chateau.  Over the years, they have evolved into events that provide both high quality BDSM instruction and incredibly sexy play for kinksters of all experience levels.  Legendary nonagenarian Dominatrix Belle De Jour once said “When La Domaine has a couples party, there is no hotter place on earth,” and our parties continue to live up to their reputation!

Each party is built around the interests of a special Guest Mistress or Master. This guest is usually a prominent figure in the professional realm of BDSM. The interests of the Guest Mistress or Master determines the nature of the party. When we have an extreme sadist, we put together an appropriate guest list. Likewise with cross-dressing, pony play, latex, and the whole spectrum of what could, and does, occur at a chateau party. For more information, check out our upcoming Guest Mistresses and Masters on our party schedule page.

Who attends these parties?

Players of all all experience levels are welcome to attend our parties. Whether you are single, or part of a couple, or even poly-group, we welcome you!

It is not uncommon for this to be a couple’s initial step in sharing their sexuality “outside of the bedroom.” La Domaine is the safest and most comfortable atmosphere for you to step out into the larger world of kink, while staying in the smaller world of community. Miss Couple, Master R and all of the other La Domaine Dominants take special care to facilitate your experience, welcome you, teach you and most importantly, arouse you! You will find no other place with the level of attention and commitment that we give our party guests. We understand how profound this first experience can be.

For the more experienced of players, the level of play at our parties is superb! We keep the excitement going through the night, with play at the most riveting levels of skill and intimacy. The La Domaine family is always excited to expand and grow. We welcome you with open arms.

Additional details:

We hold a reunion brunch the morning following the party. The brunch usually begins at about eleven and continues until two in the afternoon. It is the afterglow, when warm conversation occurs, new friendships are cemented, highlights of the night past are shared and sudden and spontaneous outbreaks of play erupt. We have been known to go for round two mid-afternoon!

Our parties are fully reserved between two weeks and a month prior to their date. We realize that many of you travel quite the distance to come to our parties. While we fill up on site with immediate family, there is very affordable lodging close by. Please do not hesitate to contact us for details.

Some of our amazing guests: