Reverend Lady Hawk, lovingly known as the High Priestess of La Domaine, is an experienced interfaith-interspiritual minister and licensed wedding officiant. Allow her to craft a ceremony reflecting YOU and your unique relationship.

Collaring & Piercing Ceremony

Very few things in the BDSM lifestyle are more

significant than the collar or special jewelry worn

by a slave. These are the outward displays of

ownership, symbolizing the union between the

Dominant and Submissive.

Collaring and piercing are symbols of true devotion.

Neither is a decision to be made quickly and tossed

aside in a week or two.

They are commitments that have the power to bind

people together for a lifetime. Be sure you are ready

to uphold the tradition behind the symbol before

offering or accepting it.

Wedding Ceremony

Be it a short and simple wedding, an elaborate

wedding, or somewhere in between, Reverend

Lady Hawk will take the time to know you and

work to create the ceremony that reflects your


She does not use, write, or officiate cookie cutter

weddings. Even the most basic wedding will have

a variation to reflect who you are as individuals

and who you are becoming as a couple.

Mistress Edge joyfully officiates wedding ceremonies

for all loving and committed couples; this includes

same-sex weddings in New York and other states that

recognize marriage equality.

Naming Ceremony

What’s in a name? We see the names that we bestow

upon our slaves as a psychological guidepost for their

journey into submission. Naming isn’t taken lightly

here. We will discuss your dynamic with your slave,

the areas they need help in, what your hopes and

desires are for their growth, and will then guide you to

select the appropriate name based on those things.


Birthdays are special and worth celebrating

at La Domaine. Need we say more?

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