Holiday Gift Offering #3: Heavy Metal

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Deck the balls and trim the bushes, it’s holiday season everyone! We’ve decided to offer some lovely erotic gifts to stuff your subs or their stockings with.

To place orders, please email Mistress Couple directly at, with the name of the offering in the subject headline. Happy Shopping!

 Heavy Metal!

Finely Crafted Metal Sex Toys

In case you haven’t heard, our friend Ali took over a medical tools factory and has started to produce some of the best metal toys we have seen, including: the seven wheel Wartenburg pinwheel, heavy duty stainless steel ice locks, stainless steel suspension rings, vibrating urethral sounds, cock cages, chastity devices, jeweled butt plugs- yes, yes, YES!

Due to our direct friendship with Ali, we are able to offer these toys at very reasonable prices, whereas you’ll find them marked up three to four times at major kink marketing outlets.

Shipping and handling is additional to the prices listed, but minimal.

The first few items we are making available to you lucky, lewd folks:

Supplies are limited! Please send all inquiries to with “Heavy Metal” in the subject heading.

Holiday Gift Offering #2: Erotic Art

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Deck the balls and trim the bushes, it’s holiday season everyone! We’ve decided to offer some lovely erotic gifts to stuff your subs or their stockings with.

To place orders, please email Mistress Couple directly at, with the name of the offering in the subject headline. Happy Shopping!

 Rockafeller Erotica

Primal Portraits for the Perverted

For the primal fetishist and art lover, we are offering customized primal portraits by the fantastic Rockafeller Erotica! Give them a few adjectives about your partner, their favorite kink activity, and their spirit animal, and Rockafeller will whip you up an amazing custom rendering using watercolor and ink! We absolutely love the ones they’ve done for us so far. Check out the amazing Leopard portrait of Mistress Couple! (Click images to enlarge).

Rockafeller is offering standard sized prints between 4×6 and 11×14 to make for easy framing.

Custom works are priced between $25-150 depending on the quality.

Prints of existing work are $15-25, and can be framed for an additional $10.

Custom orders must be placed by December 15 to ensure delivery by Christmas.

Please send all inquiries to with “Rockafeller Erotica” in the subject heading.

Holiday Gift Offering #1: Erotic Oils

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Deck the balls and trim the bushes, it’s holiday season everyone! We’ve decided to offer some lovely erotic gifts to stuff your subs, or their stockings with.

To place orders, please email Mistress Couple directly at, with the name of the offering in the subject headline. Happy Shopping!

Cupid’s Secret Potion

Aphrodesiac Oils

You’ve heard of Love Potion #9, and for years people have been searching for that secret concoction, until now…

We are thrilled to bring you the 100% natural essential oil formula created by sexologist and aromatherapist Elena Pellicano.

elena oils

Cupid’s Secret Potion has a dual function:

  • To be used as a daily perfume to attract the attention of a new lover (or spark your current lover).
  • To be used for sensual massage between couples before love making.

There are 5 scents available.  Each one uses different ingredients for attracting and creating different sexual experiences. For more details, click through the tabs below!


E - Passion w box

Unisex fragrance

Ingredients: Lotus lux, rose Morocco, damask rose, sandalwood, black pepper, black musk, amber wood, white musk, iris, neroli, jojoba, olive, apricot pit.

This oil is for passionate sex. Even if you just strike the body of this oil before sex that will be enough for a strong effect. Massage with this oil will give even more powerful effect. Bouquet of essential oils and musk assembled so that the man and woman during the massage fully trust each other (lotus), have overcome any shyness and stiffness (rose). Neroli helps to remove all the restrictions and opened new experiments, stimulates the imagination. Also helps better to read body language. Black pepper and musk give a strong sexual stimulation.

$24.99 + shipping



Desire on pond

Unisex Fragrance

Ingredients: White lotus, lotus lux, bergamot, sandalwood (Haiti), violet leaf, white rose, white musk, jojoba, olive, apricot pit.

This oil is for those who want to experience new sensations. Lotus reveals the truth and openness. Allows you to plunge deep into the erotic sensations and pleasure. Bergamot is an inexhaustible source of erotic power, awakens the desire and imagination. Rose will allow a shy person to open up about her desires. White musk give a soft stimulation of sexual desire. Sandalwood is a powerful erotic stimulant, increases the potency, promotes bright orgasm and helps executs a willingness to fulfil  all love games and fantasies. This makes for the  perfect scent to be worn when introducing sex toys or new fantasy role plays in the relationship.

$24.99 plus shipping



Feminine Fragrance

Ingredients: Queen of the night, rose Morocco, Rose red (100%), sandalwood, black pepper (Madagascar), fragrant pepper, white musk, iris, ylang-ylang, jasmine (100%), cardamom, galbanum (Iran), geranium (Egypt), eugenol, ginger, nutmeg, wild orange, jojoba, olive, apricot pit.

This oil is for those who love bright hot sex. Jasmine is one of the most powerful sexual stimulants,as it helps with impotence, stimulates blood circulation in the pelvic organs and enhances sexual desire. Working together with the Queen of the night into a deep fog of pleasure. Ylang- ylang is a most powerful aphrodisiac, unlocks the secrets of intuitive ways to achieve happiness, and gives a prolonged orgasm. Sandal increases potency, promotes bright orgasm. Black pepper – eliminates the coldness between the partners and in co-operation with sandalwood gives vivid sensation to every touch. Nutmeg – stimulates circulation and enhances orgasm. Ginger – enhances the blood flow to the groin area (especially male), determination and confidence.


$24.99 plus shipping


E - Tempting w box

Masculine Fragrance

Ingredients: Bergamot, cedar, lemongrass (Guatemala), patchouli, jasmine (100%), oakmoss absolute, resinoids cistus, osmanthus absolute, white brandy oil, galbanum (Iran), sandalwood (Haiti),eugenol, еssences of patchouli and jasmine, avocado oil, olive, apricot pit.

This oil is ideal for men. When using it, the man receives a powerful stimulation of sexual desire. Jasmine stimulates blood circulation in the pelvic organs and increases the sex drive, helps with impotence. When combined with patchouli, enhances and prolongs orgasm. Bergamot, aphrodisiac, is a source of inexhaustible erotic forces, awakens the desire and imagination. Lemongrass is refreshing, eliminate fatigue, improves mood and self-confidence. The Cedar aphrodisiac eliminates psychological discomfort. Galbanum helps get rid of stress, and excessive fatigue. Osmanthus is a very strong aphrodisiac giving the feeling of lightness, sensuality and omnipotence. Sandalwood is a powerful erotic stimulant, promotes bright orgasm and favors easy transition to all love games and fantasies.

$24.99 plus shipping


E - Pure w box

Masculine Fragrance

Ingredients: Lemongrass (Guatemala), neroli, patchouli, cedar moss absolutes, cardamom, galbanum (Iran), sandalwood, eugenol, jojoba, olive, apricot pit.

This oil will give a man vivid erotic sensations during massage and the subsequent sex. Neroli, aphrodisiac, stimulates sexual adventurism and liberates the imagination, to better read body language. Sandal as a powerful erotic stimulant, increases the blood flow to the groin area, promotes bright orgasm and allows easy transition to all love games and fantasies. Lemongrass properties are uplifting of mood and self-confidence, refreshing, eliminates fatigue. Galbanum helps get rid of stress, and excessive fatigue. Patchouli is a powerful erotic stimulant, increases the blood flow to groin region. Cardamom – one of the best aphrodisiacs to increase male erection,  fills the erotic sensation of body heat.

$24.99 plus shipping

To order any of these fine products, please contact our Head Mistress Couple at

Include “Cupid’s Secret Potion” in the subject headline.

Supplies are limited, don’t miss your opportunity to try this wonderful new product!

Happy massaging!

A slave’s summer training at La D

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It has been an absolutely amazing summer at La Domaine, for our Masters Mistresses, MITS(Master/Mistress in Training), and especially slaves! Read an account from slave g, aka MadamesMutt below! Don’t be jealous, we are always looking for slaves to serve our house Mistresses and Masters. If you’re interested, please contact Mistress Couple directly.


After years of adolescent fantasies of BDSM and being dominated by beautiful Mistresses, I decided to finally make my dream become a reality.  I remember how nervous I was when I first dialed La Domaine to request a session, almost two years ago.  Before I could even begin to articulate all the thoughts running through my head, the Mistress on the other end of the call began to methodically discuss a comprehensive list of different fetishes and gauged my specific interest in each.  Halfway down the list, my nerves had all but vanished as I realized how thrilling it was to describe my personal sexual fantasies to another person.  Little did I know at the time how many more kinky thrills La Domaine would send my way.

As I drove farther and farther away from Albany on the day of my session, the nervousness returned for the first time since the phone call, a few days prior.  I was about to indulge in some of my biggest sexual fantasies and I didn’t know whether to feel excited, ashamed, or scared.  When I finally arrived and was greeted at the door by a scantily clad yet fierce looking Mistress (the Headmistress at the time), this was no longer a problem.  I was excited.   She and Master R warmly welcomed me and I soon proceeded down to the dungeon to strip naked and await Mistress…

Let’s just skip ahead to the fun part.  My arms were chained to the ceiling and I was flogged with a variety of floggers and whips.  Mistress teased me, encouraged me to focus on my arousal and taught me the importance of offering myself to her as she whipped me.  I was hogtied on a table and spanked.  Finally, Mistress had me indulge in one of my personal favorite fetishes: puppy play.  After cumming while locked in a cage, I was instructed to put my clothes back on and sit in slave posture to reflect on the session.  Near the end of our conversation, Mistress told me that she enjoyed it and asked if I would be interested in serving at the house as a slave.  At first I was taken aback and I told her that it sounded like an interesting notion, but would be difficult in the near future due to college and summer job commitments out of the area.

As the months went by and I transitioned from college to work and back to college, the memory of the session became like a dream to me.  At first it had just been an extremely pleasant recollection, but by January of this year, a year after my first session, I knew I had to find a way to experience submission again.  However, being stuck at college without a car or ample amounts of free time, I had to find an alternative to visiting La Domaine.

This is when I first found and approached Mistress Stella, which is turning out to be one of the best decisions of my life.  Having met online, our D/s relationship developed slowly at first as I began to gain her trust by completing tasks and following her orders.  From the beginning, it seemed like each time I interacted with Mistress Stella, I learned something new about her and my desire to be her slave grew.  As time went on, I became her loyal puppy slave (of course) as we began to play online and even spend some time together while she was sessioning in the area.  Around early spring time, I began to wonder about what the summer would bring once school was out.  I was excited to continue growing as Mistress Stella’s slave and I still had La Domaine in the back of my head.

And then, worlds collided.

“Excited to be the new Mistress in Training at La Domaine!” read Mistress Stella’s most recent tweet.  I think this is one of the few times in my life that my jaw has literally dropped.

I spoke with Mistress Couple on the phone and through emails and, with her permission, arranged to visit and serve as a slave to the house through the summer. I would primarily  be in service to Mistress Stella as she worked her way through the Mistress in Training program under Mistress Couple’s supervision.  The experience of meeting Mistress Stella in person for the second time while at La Domaine for the second time was almost surreal.  I immediately was ordered to strip, was tied in a body harness, and was put to work. If I was going to be a member of the La Domaine household, I’d have to earn my keep.  After some time cleaning and being taught how to be a serving slave for dinner guests, Mistress spanked me while I recited the phrase “Mistress Stella owns me” over and over.  Although serving as a slave seemed like a very different experience than my fast paced first session, I found myself longing to return every time I went home.

I began to realize that, aside from the incredible dungeon, I was drawn to La Domaine because of the people I was meeting there.  After attending my first monthly party, I couldn’t believe how incredible it was to be surrounded by so many different like-minded people.  Masters, Mistresses, and slaves of all ages from near and far came together to joke, chat, eat, and engage in their wildest fantasies.  It was one hell of a way to enter the kink community.  Even on quiet days with few visitors, I was fascinated and thrilled to be a part of day to day life at a BDSM training chateau.

Having had the privilege to visit quite a few times over the past month and a half, it would be difficult to arrange all my experiences at La Domaine in a logical fashion.  So instead, here are some arranged in an illogical fashion.  I had my cock and torso tied in a variety creative ways by the hands of Mistress Stella and Mistress Couple.  I witnessed a culinary master first-hand and was given an abundance of wisdom concerning wine decanting, mushroom harvesting, and corn shucking.  I ate full dinners on the floor with my hands tied behind my back at Mistress Stella’s feet.  I was bit gagged and led around the yard like a pony.  I watched some of the most colorful birds I’ve ever seen perched inches from the front window.  I was tied to a pole and caned until I begged for mercy.  I fed avocado skins to rats!  I was held down and ruthlessly tickled while trying to buck a Mistress off like a bull.  I watched Minnie Mouse sing Disney songs while being restrained and spanked.  I was ridden by multiple Mistresses around the dungeon while wearing a saddle and a full assortment of pony gear.  I was trained to follow puppy commands and paddled when I forgot them.  Finally, I met some amazing people who are known as Masters, Mistresses, and slaves, but who I think of, upon returning to vanilla life, as friends.

As I drove to La Domaine for the first time this summer, I felt the familiar nervous feeling I recalled from my first phone call two years ago.  A month and a half later, I can honestly say that I’m more nervous driving to my grandparents’ house.  I’ve only shared a few of the many experiences I’ve had at the house over the summer, and I can truly tell that I have only scratched the surface of what can be possible at La Domaine.  I’m proud to be a La Domaine slave, I’m humbled by the experience, and I’m grateful to everyone who has made it possible.  And now I’m off to grad school (woo hoo…), left with more than a few fantastic memories.  Reflecting back on the summer, being at La Domaine really does feel like being in a dream…and I can’t wait to fall asleep again.


4th of July Schwannendreher BBQ Roast

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Well, We did it, and we had a blast!

A picture is worth 1000 words… so enjoy a few, and a video too!




Schwanendreher Fetish- a human roast

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Well, it is confirmed! On July 5th, La Domaine Esemar will be hosting our 4th ever Schwanendreher roast! For more info about the event, please contact Master R or Mistress couple directly.

To whet your appetite, here is the account written by our last Schwanendreher victim!

Mistress Collette and Domina Five strap in Roastee #2

Mistress Collette and Domina Five strap in Roastee #2

My Perfect Day


Since my first forays into BDSM as a teenager I have always had a fascination for heat & fire play. Partly I think this came from my massive interest in history, the brutality of the crusades, the inquisition, ritual sacrifice and execution by fire. In 2005 I was seriously hurt in a fire play scene gone wrong, two skin grafts, a skin eating MRS superbug infection, and four months of healing. I lost my trust in anyone and put my masochist side to bed.

Then I heard about La Domaine Esemar, they had the equipment and experience to perform my ultimate fantasy ~ being roasted on a spit ~ or Schwanandreher as it is called at Esemar. It was time for me to get back on the horse, discussions were held, plans were made and so I found myself travelling to the States, giving my trust to a group of people I had never met.


I didn’t sleep much that night. Too much nervous anticipation as I lie listening to the rain falling. As dawn broke the rain stopped and I knew the Schwanandreher was on.

I arrived at Esemar shortly before 11.00am, there were a few brief introductions to the house slaves, hello’s to the Masters & Mistresses I had met the night before, and then I was quickly guided into the dungeon by Domina Jaguar and Miss Couple. Esemar is a high protocol house and I was soon striped and kneeling in front of Miss Couple. My name for the day was quite simply ‘meat’.
The ladies examined my burn scars and we talked a little about that experience, and then my wrists were cuffed and I was chained in the classic X position.

The first order of the day was to remove most of my body hair. House slave ‘do’ also joined us in the dungeon to assist the Domina’s. Then with hair removed the real fun started. I can’t really describe in detail what happened next, it was just a blur of sensation and activity as three beautiful ladies worked their magic on me. I was pinched, scratched, prodded, bitten, caressed, kissed, massaged, crushed, teased as the ladies used every part of their bodies to build up the intensity in mine. Miss Couple disappeared a few times, apparently she was raiding the kitchen of any implement she could find to torment me with. I soon slipped into sub space and started to giggle uncontrollably. The ladies added tickling to the affray. I could have quite happily stayed in the dungeon for the rest of day.

However the time was fast approaching for the main event. Jaguar left us to make her own final preparations and Couple returned from the kitchen, but this time with my final meal, mushroom soup. Even this was teased into my mouth, blow to cool each mushroom, tongue out and wait for Miss to place in my mouth. Finally the meal was finished, cuffs released, taken upstairs, robed, blindfolded.


The next few minutes were going to be the hardest for me. I am a fairly quiet individual, a bit reclusive by nature. I have never bottomed in public before, humiliation is a hard limit for me. If I was going to fail in this task, it was going to happen soon. I needn’t have worried.

Miss Couple took my hands and guided me out of the house. There was a cool wind blowing, and I could soon smell the smoke from the cherry wood burning in the fire pit. It was eerily silent as I arrived at the spit, I could sense everyone’s focus on me, not a word being spoken. It’s difficult to describe in words, the closest I can manage is that it felt like an ancient tribal ritual was about to take place, a human sacrifice. My robe was removed and the Masters guided me onto the spit, it was at its full height, about five feet above the ground. I gingerly felt for the crossbars and then lay down on the cold hard metal that was about to become my prison. Three leather belts were quickly strapped in place, one across the top of my chest, one across the tops of my thighs and the final one across the tops of my feet. I was trapped.

Then everything burst into life. The coals were to be transferred from the fire pit in a metal bucket, and then spread under the spit. Everyone who wanted was to have their turn at placing the coals and turning me on the spit. Appropriately it was Miss Couple who carried the first bucket. At five feet above the coals I couldn’t feel the heat at all. The spit has a built in jack that allows it to be lowered to about three feet off the ground, I was soon on the move down towards the coals. Then the first turn of the spit was made, and I realised this was going to be physically quite hard. As the spit turned to about 75 degrees the pressure of my body weight on one side of my chest was really uncomfortable. Then the turn was completed and I was hanging over the coals. Not satisfied that the coals were hot enough the Masters added a twist, ostrich feathers were produced to fan the coals, it felt like the heat coming up was instantly doubled, I started to cook.

My skin went from cool, to warm, uncomfortably hot. Then I would be turned, sometimes through 180 degrees, sometimes through 90 degrees. These were the worst moments as not only did I have the pressure on my chest but it was the point at which my body was closest to the coals. Every now and then I would feel a hand on me, checking the temperature of my skin, or a comment on how pink I was looking. Finally satisfied I was as hot as I could stand it was time for the next stage. Master R, the owner of La Domaine, had prepared a basting sauce for the occasion and it was time to apply it. At first it was bliss as the cold sauce was slowly applied to my chest and arms, taking away the heat from my skin. However my back and underside of my legs were still cooking and getting unbearably hot. I was straining to move every millimetre up away from the heat that I could manage, in reality I was wasting my time. I only had one thought in my head now ‘hurry up, hurry up, hurry up’ but I didn’t dare say a word, I was sure they would have taken longer if I had spoken. Not a moment too soon I was turned and basted on my back, I felt the tension ease out and I could relax for a short while.

It was a short respite. More coals were added and my skin started to heat again. As I went through the process of being turned I could hear lots more comments now, deliberately loud enough for my torment I’m sure. How nice I was smelling with the baste on me, good enough to eat, I want to bite this part or that part, the swishing noise from the ostrich feathers to keep the coals glowing hot. My breathing heavy as I used it to try and control the pain. I have no concept of how long this lasted but finally I reached the point where my skin was getting dangerously hot again, the spit was raised back to its maximum height, I was sprayed from water bottles to cool me down, offered water to drink and then allowed to rest.

I can’t remember who now, but it was suggested it was time to remove my blindfold, I agreed. I was so deeply into this now I think I would have agreed to anything. The whole process started again. The only difference being that I could now see the coals glowing under me. Without my glasses my vision is somewhat blurry, my eyes were wet party from emotion, partly from the smoke that occasionally drifted up from the coals. Although the blindfold was off, I still mostly kept my eyes closed, occasionally snatching a look at my tormentors as the spit turned in their direction. With my clouded wet vision they looked like ghosts, indistinct faces, blurred outlines, standing at a funny angle, realising it was me that was actually at the funny angle, watching me cook. Then it all went a bit surreal, my giggles started again. The Masters realised I would be unable to safe word, or indicate if my skin was getting dangerously hot, they immediately raised me again, and once again I was cooled off.

After a while I heard Miss Couple whispering in my ear “we can take you down now if you want or we have enough coals for one more turn”. I turned my head and looked into her eyes, it wasn’t really a choice at all. We both knew there was only one answer, my ordeal wasn’t quite over, it fact it was about to get much worse.

The last of the coals were spread below me, this time I could feel the heat rising even though I was at the highest point the spit could go to. My legs were already heating up. This was going to be bad. The jacks started working again and down I went. I was grateful that I was turned almost immediately as my legs were already feeling too hot. My relief didn’t last long. I was already breathing heavily as now my stomach took the heat. I was turned again so this time I was at the 90 degree angle. For the first time I properly opened my eyes and sought out Miss Couple. I needed to focus on her to help control the pain. She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself, fanning the coals adding to my suffering. I started growling and thrashing about, banging my head into the iron crossbar of the spit, fortunately it was padded. This was a pain I understood, I’d met it before, it was the pain where your skin is getting ready to burst, the nerves waiting to die. The safety phrase at Esemar is ‘please show me mercy’ I wasn’t getting beyond PLEASE, it was enough and I was turned again. We finally reached the point where I couldn’t stand the heat for more than a few seconds before I needed to be turned again. After two and half hours it was finally time to stop.


The straps were released. I was physically and emotionally drained, but elated that I had managed to do this. I just stared up at the sky for a while before finally testing my legs to see if they still worked. I gradually climbed off the spit with help from the Masters, and then the ladies took over, wrapping me in a blanket, supporting me to a chair, feeding me water, staying with me as everyone else slowly disappeared back to the house.

When I was finally able to move they supported me to the house. Then slave do took me into the shower and cleaned me up. We shared a tender moment, she took me into her arms, kissed me, held me, she said she could sense I needed it, I think she needed it too.

For the next several hours I sat like a zombie, always someone watching me, feeding me more water, getting me food, anything I needed.


The day wasn’t quite done, there was a party that evening. The play seemed quite brutal at times, excess energy left over from the afternoon, or perhaps they are always that way. Miss Couple hadn’t quite finished with me, but as it isn’t related to the roast I won’t put the details here. It deserves its own chapter, the title would be something like ‘I want to hear you scream meat’ and scream I did!

slave o’pen’s La Domaine Adventure!

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A few months ago, we were contacted by L, who had seen the Baroness on HBO’s Real Sex in her teens and been pursuing a kinky lifestyle since (she’s now in her late 20s). As we got to know her more, we thought she would be a perfect live-in slave for us and invited her to apply for our summer position. When she was accepted, L took a giant leap, taking 5 buses to get here from Iowa, carrying only a backpack and small carry on luggage. As part of her live-in arrangement, she has agreed to share her experiences with you here on our blog. She has been renamed slave o’pen, but we’ll let her tell you why. We hope that through her experiences, our readers will get a better picture of what it is like being a slave here at La Domaine Esemar, the world’s oldest BDSM training Chateau!

slave o’pen enjoying our spring flora

Day 1:

It took two days to get to Albany from Iowa. Thankfully, there was a place to plug in my phone, zoning out to my Spotify while rereading the messages from Fetlife. Master R of La Domaine was in my inbox, Miss Couple on my Facebook chat. Like a fantasy come to life.

When I step off of the bus, I venture outside, only to see Mistress Couple holding a sign that reads ‘SLAVE’.  Miss Couple teased me a few days prior about making me ride in the trunk, but I was instead told to ride shotgun. Deeper and deeper into the Berkshire Mountainside we drove, passing streams, rivers, valleys; the distance between buildings became longer and longer.

“We live quite a ways outside of town. Most people start getting freaked out the more remote we get,” Miss Couple explained, while catching me up on what was expected of me and clearing up any questions before we pulled into the driveway.  Arriving at La Domaine, after a roller-coaster ascent, I am greeted by a very friendly, very nude (save for her necklace, red cat’s eye glasses, and ponytail hair-tie)  slave beauty, Master R himself, and a gorgeous display of flora and fauna in the front yard. Pointing out a particular type of yellow lily, Master R informs me it is an original strain of the flower, uncontaminated by genetic modification, native to Persia.

While I sit in the Music Room, my new “home” for the summer (barring guests, of course), I hear more guests arriving. It is Mrs. Weltsova, a Bulgarian disciplinarian from NYC, and her male companion. Another male slave, fully dressed and sitting on the furniture, also kept company with us as refreshments were served: mousse pâté on a cracker, black and green olives with pits, and grapeleaf-wrapped rice bites. The chicken is delightful, accompanied by a type of wine I am not nearly educated enough to appreciate. All of the food served at LDE is of superior quality, and there is a heavy emphasis on organics. “We may abuse your body but our food never will” is one of many house mottos.

After eating, slave beauty says her goodbyes and tells me she’ll be back later in the summer, as the rest of us journey down into the dungeon. It is Mrs. Weltsova’s first visit to La Domaine so she (and I) are about to receive the grande tour. Master jokes (or threatens, or promises, depending on your outlook on the situation) to chain me to the greeting cross at the bottom of the stairs for my first LDE party. The slave, thus secured, pre-picks a few toys to be placed beside them and partygoers help themselves.

To the left is a vanity with a long mirror and a stool, so slaves can watch themselves masturbate as punishment for (what else?) vanity. To the left is one of my favorite toys – a massage table which raises and lowers near four chains, specifically for suspension bondage. There are toys on the shelf behind the table, readily at hand. To the left of the shelf is a dressing screen and costumes galore – naughty negligées, etc – next to a more modest-looking vanity littered with wigs and hats. Under the stairs is the cage, on top of which sits a table with a pair of stocks on one end. There is another table in the corner with many eye screws sticking out of it, perfect for an intricate, weaving type of rope bondage, or simply a multiple-point securing. Before I can investigate further, another portal appears, as if by magic.

We are drawn into the main room of the dungeon. Whips, floggers, canes, nipple weights, chains, a (padded) St. Andrew’s Cross with a special inversion ability, two more tables (one of which has a fucking machine casually sitting on top), two sawhorse benches (one black, one red), cleaning supplies, emergency/ first aid kits, clamps, bondage gloves, and a kerosene heater are all I can take in on first glance. The first item I comment upon is a purple novelty flyswatter displaying the word “splat” in orange lettering.

“I love it when people notice the swatter first,” Mistress Couple mentions, delighted, “They always have a twisted sense of humor.”

By the light of the fishnet leg lamp (and a few others, much less ornate, hanging around), Mrs. Weltsova bounces around giddily like a kid in a candy store. With a smile, another LaD slave shows me the tables which first piqued my interest, paddles sitting next to it no more than an arm’s length away, beginning to tell me how a young woman, much like me, enjoyed being paddled by him a few parties ago. The table we are standing by is suspended, and swings freely, by four chains. Laying on it gives a feeling of almost-weightlessness, much like a hammock, but with padding which is easily wiped down after use.

The sound of a curtain being drawn back piques my interest, and yet another room appears – the medical room. I am nervous at first, medical fetishes being about as terrifying to me as canes and disciplinarian Ladies with eastern European accents, but I remember I am here to face my fears, so I peek in. Finding an examining table, a shelf with medical supplies for playing (separate from the first aid kit, of course), a small metal table filled with scary-looking metal implements, an IV stand, and even linoleum flooring (with a small pool of blood, for effect), I go back into the main dungeon, satisfied.

We return upstairs for more conversation before heading outside, down the hill, past the fire pit, and to the right to see Mrs. Weltsova trying out a lunge whip on her lucky slave. Master R gracefully gives her some tips on the specifics of wielding this type of whip, which her slave endures patiently, in only his shoes, his pants around his ankles, leaning almost casually on another St. Andrew’s.

After everyone is redressed and all of our goodbyes are said, Master R and Mistress Couple have me kneel in front of them, then wait as they fetch my collar. Like all LaD collars, it is a black leather band with nine strips of chainmail hanging down. My particular collar buckles in the back, with a hole in the prong big enough for a small padlock. After I am collared, I am taught the protocol posture for kneeling, to be modified for standing: legs spread – enough to be accessible, not enough to be vulgar – hands upturned as in offering, fingers spread to convey openness, chin up because I am proud to be here as a La Domaine slave, eyes down because I am humbled by the experience.

Before I am sent to bed, I am given one warning: “No cumming without permission, or we will send you home, and it’s a long trip home.”

Thank you for a life changing year!

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As a lot of La Domaine devotees have been asking me about a blog, I decided to go ahead and start one.

Today marks my one year anniversary of coming to La Domaine to serve as your Head Mistress. The experiences that I have had and the growth that they’ve inspired in me have been profound. There are so many lessons that I’ve learned, experienced, taught etc that I won’t go into them all right now. It feels like somewhat of a disservice to try and sum up the year into a single overriding theme, but there is one thing that I keep circling back around to.

This day isn’t about me; it is about La Domaine Esemar and all of you who make up my wonderful new family. It is about the growth that this beautiful place inspires in all of us. Being able to have a place in which we can be free to explore and express the most secret hidden corners of our souls. A place where we are loved and are free of judgement discrimination or shame. A place where we belong and are accepted- faults and all- because we all believe in the freedom of self fulfillment and the pursuit of happiness.

I have felt it since the first day I walked into La Domaine, a doe-eyed BDSM virgin. LaD is a special, sacred place. A year ago I committed myself to keeping that place alive. Today I recognize that the duty does not lay solely on my shoulders. LaD and I could not have made it through this year without the love, support, hard work, and above all devotion of all of you, and especially Master R.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. It is truly an honor to serve you and I am looking forward to what the future brings!

All my love,

Miss Couple