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Although this site’s content is neither pornographic nor obscene by any legal definition, our pages do include highly candid content, discussions and material involving the topics of dominance and submission in adult intimate relationships. We realize such candor may be inappropriate for children and may even be offensive to some adults. Therefore we actively encourage those seeking insight and realistic information on the BDSM sexuality to thoroughly explore our site, and we forbid access to this site to anyone who is under the age of legal adulthood as defined by their federal, state or local laws. We also actively discourage adults who are offended by such topics from accessing our site.


This website is in full compliance with federal regulation 2257, all records are kept by Master R. However, we do feel this regulation is overbroad, unwarranted and unconstitutionally intrusive. We strongly recommend all concerned persons to join the fight to protect our sexual liberties and our privacy by contacting and supporting the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, an organization in which we are proud to be active participants. www.NCSFreedom.org